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If you’re struggling a little with your productivity, try increasing your workload.

Man, seems to be working fine for me…

Have a productive week.

This week’s quote is dressed in Estrangelo Edessa.


4 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. A saying I’ve said forever is, “I’m never bored”. There is always something to do. I don’t put things off because if I do whatever it is now, it’s way better use of my time. Also being better organized helps all of that come together. I’m more efficient. It’s the only way I get things done. With 13 four legged creatures and a few two legged, I have to be on my toes…procrastination is something I can’t afford to do. Have an awesome Friday! Best, Koko❀❀❀.

    1. Totally agree with you! I’m not 100% there but I’m really a lot more productive. Have a great weekend

  2. It just occurred to me recently that I have a lot less time to “think about doing stuff”. I wish you lots of drive and motivation!

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