Still punk at heart.

Born somewhere between Berlin and Australia, influenced by street art, garden gnomes and (expat) life – be kitschig is dedicated to all those little things that just make this world a better place.

My Motto: Be nice.

This is fairly easy. If we are all a bit nicer and are considerate of others, this world will be a better place.

Join be kitschig and share your guilty pleasures.

Be nice!

Be green!

Be kitschig!

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This is how I started out many moons ago and this blog is slowly turning into a quirky kitschy Scrapbook kinda thing. Erm.

Maybe I like to show rather than tell?

Thanks for visiting!

I am a sincere lover of kitsch and anything quirky.
This blog is supposed to hurt your eyes a bit.
I do not use pictures without permission.
Photos on this site are taken by Mark Zweck and me.
Stock photos are generally from Pixabay. Let’s keep is simple.
If you have recently written a post about something kitschy or tacky and would like to share it, please contact me.

In the meantime, I’ll dream about tolerance, freedom and world peace.

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63 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I am intrigued by your blog. Your style of blog reminds me of mine, the only difference being that yours is popular. 😉
    How did you grow your audience? Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Brady, thank you for your comment. It looks as if you just started out not too long ago. It takes a long time to grow your blog. Also, if your content is a bit random, not everyone will like it. I still haven’t found the perfect blog recipe. You never know, what people like! I sometimes have the feeling that not your content, but the engagement with the community makes or breaks your blog. Having said that, my stats this year are not how I would like them BUT I get a lot more comments and have a nice visitors who actually read my posts 🙂
      If there is any advice I can give you, ignore the people who like 10 of your posts in a minute and look for the people who like your stuff. It grows from there. Best of luck! Greetings from Berlin

  2. Hiya BK, hope all is fine ‘n dandy! Ford from TVTA here in new robot ‘Atomic Mage’ guise – I’m trying to find your WP follow button so I can follow you but no joy yet… perhaps follow me and I can follow you back? Stay safe and well,
    Ford x😊x

      1. (Maybe I need a massive follow button?) Fabolous! I’ll check out your site later today! I’m really glad you are back. Have fun with your newish blog 🙂 xox

  3. Gerade erst diese Seite entdeckt und gelesen, kann ich dazu spontan und vom Gefühl heraus nur sagen bleib Bitte so wie du bist! 😉
    Liebe Grüße von Hanne

  4. Hi Be Kitschig – I was looking for your name, so I could respond to you by name – no worries, “Be Kitschig” works for me if it works for you. 🙂

    Your site is very interesting and I love artsy-fartsy fun stuff like this as well. I’m thinking you are not living in the U.S., but I’m going to share this site with you as I’m sure a lot of the American trends you have seen, maybe on Pinterest, maybe on social media. I’m thinking you are younger than me and maybe never “lived them” but what the heck … some are definitely cheesy. I am Canadian but have lived here in Michigan since 1966 … still a Canadian, on a green card. Anyway, I signed up for this site’s weekly e-mail on everything vintage and find myself saying “OMG, I remember that!” That may mean I remember a lot and need more RAM space in my brain or I’m old – hmmm. Stay safe and be well. – Linda

    1. Hi Linda, this time you were in my spam! (WP, this is getting a bit funny …) It’s Jeanine, nice to meet you. Just clicked the site and the first thing I saw was 50s wives who really love their toilet paper, genius! Thanks for the tip! I get the same excitement with stuff from the GDR. If we didn’t have thing X then certainly your neighbour would’ve had it. Fun to remember these things. We live in Berlin now but my husband is from Australia, so we’ve been around a bit. Still relatively sane for the circumstances 😉

      1. Now that’s funny – pleased to meet you Jeanine. And I wonder if it is because we were not following one another, as it came through fine this time. Although I get stuff in spam for no reason at all. It is too sensitive the WP spamblocker I guess. As soon as I looked around your blog, I knew I had to send that site to you, whether you were American or not. Trends are trends, no matter where you live … some of the advertisements on TV, magazines and catalogs they show from back in the day are downright cringe-worthy, especially for me as I lived through some of them. I wondered if you lived in Berlin. I have been to Germany, traveled around when I was younger and my father was from Frankfurt and we visited there two times (1969 and 1979). Not been back since 1979 though. I have never been to Australia … yet … it always has sounded fascinating to me … my boss was on a boat trip to the Great Barrier Reef and had a wonderful time. You have been around a bit. 🙂 None of my friends wanted to travel, so I used to go on a tour once a year. As a single traveler, people were always nice and invited me to sit with them for our meals or on the train or bus … however we were traveling that part of the trip. Traveling is great … something no one can take away from you. I’m glad I traveled back then … it sure is not the same now. I’m relatively sane too considering the circumstances too, but I was lucky as I have been working from home since 2011 … I got laid off, then only hired back part-time and I was not going to drive to Detroit for four hours, so suggested I work from home … so work life did not change too much for my boss and me, though we are extremely slow right now. P.S. – I have a garden gnome in the garage … my neighbor gave it to me for the garden years ago. I’ve not put it out in ages. 🙂

  5. Hello BK and your fab blog, and thanks for visiting my dusty old archive, otherwise I wouldn’t have come to visit your cool cats and kitsch today I’m sure. Look forward to more 🙂 best, Ford, TVTA

    1. Thank you! I’ve stumbled on your blog today because I liked your picture. It’s bizarre how some people who kinda like similar things don’t come across here for years!

  6. Hello, From Georgia USA! I was beginning to think I was the only one that knew the word KITSCH! I lover your blog and anything Kitsch (My book/poetry project is called A Kitschy Kiss Productions). Glad that you found me so that I can find you! Keep up the great work!

    1. Please excuse my late reply, I am drowning in Spring right now. As pretty as it is to look at, I’ll be in hayfever country for a few weeks. I am humbled by your words. Thank you

  7. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it. I will check yours out in more detail, but love what I am seeing. Keep up the good work and though we have never met, I am so glad you are “safe”.

  8. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch. I am enjoying what I’ve read of your blog so far. Australia to Germany; I hope it works out really well. 🙂

  9. We have been mutual followers for a long time but the last time I visited you I did not quite find the about section. This time I lingered around more and was determined to find the About and persistence paid off 😀 Glad to connect with you more than my previous visit 🙂 I do love your motto and somewhere along the lines, it resonates mine of spreading positivity and cheer 🙂 Cheers and warmest wishes, Minaxi <3

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. The menu on the side should just scrawl, which it sometimes does… When I have a bit more time I’ll make sure to catch up on my blog reading. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Oh boy, on my to-do list for next week is the last one… I am super excited though. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. Take care

  10. Hi there, and thanks for crawling around my web-log-thing and pressing some buttons – much appreciated!

    I just really hope your Kitsch isn’t too kitsch, if you know what I mean… 😉

    I’m about to find out….

  11. Thank you so much for following my blog! I’m so glad that it gave me the chance to read yours! It is extremely insightful as well as smart and funny. I can’t wait to explore more. 🙂

    1. Welcome to the community and thank you very much for the kind words. (It’s actually still pretty wonky.) Enjoy your journey. I will drop by for sure.

  12. Sehr schönes Motto! 😉 Thanks for following my blog. Yours looks really interesting, funny and nice 🙂 Freue mich auf eure posts 🙂

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. You motto is easily the best advice for any person with love in their heart.
    I am a former Radio Promotions Manager and Record lover…though my taste is R&B, Urban Contemporary and early Doo Wop. I hope, as a Punker, you don’t hold it against me. Be nice…..

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