bubbles Dresden Academy of Fine art bekitschig.blog
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden große Seifen Blasen
Big Bubbles Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden Brühlsche Terrassen

Giant Bubbles are pretty impressive (and a great distraction for poor kids that get dragged to museums). Here they are dressing up the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, situated in the heart of the city right on Brühl’s Terrace. A bubbling hub for creativity.

It is the second week after school holidays and my ginormous to-do list is starting to look a lot more friendly. If we make it to next week, that will be more of “real” school than we had all year! Here in Berlin, we are even allowed to sit down in the library again, which is a huge boost for motivation. I’m on a roll here …

So have a happy Hump Day! May it be healthy and productive.

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24 thoughts on “Bubbles

    1. Thanks Linda, that looks unreal. I didn’t think that was possible … FUN STUFF!!!
      I might have to try this come winter 😉

      1. You’re welcome Jeanine – it does look fun, including the video with the repeated bursting and sound effects. 🙂 Hope your bubbles come out.

  1. Those are ginormous bubbles Jeanine – I’ve never seen them that big before. How fun. Next, you have to create bubbles in the Winter, watch them frost up, then take some pictures.

    1. Mmh, I’m not sure if that works. I think at some temeprature they find it hard to float? I need to look into this!
      All you need is a bucket, some string and two sticks. The people who do it never take money but donations. Kinda like busking. Some give sticks to the kids as well. That can get pretty messy …

      1. apher and gave her info on photographing bubbles in Winter. She did a post on the outcome. I couldn’t find it o n her site but will ask her and send you the link. Not as fun as this but something to try.

      2. Jeanine – I sent Sandra this blog post and asked if she could give me the link to her post, so you can see how the frozen bubbles turned out. I saw the “how to” on social media and sent it to Sandra as she takes a lot of photos outdoors in Winter and I knew she would be game to try it.

  2. Always a pleasure to see. Last week there was a family having dinner on their terrace below mine, and one of their kids had some bubbles which I saw floating up and disappearing into the trees.
    As kids, when the solution from our little bubble pots ran out we’d refill it with kitchen washing-up liquid – but it never worked so well.

    1. For some reason bubbles never seem to get old!
      We refilled them … and it never worked as well. Although one bubble guy at Mauerpark swore on Fairy. Dawn, or whatever it might be called in France?

      1. Yes, Fairy Liquid as it was known when I was in UK. But I don’t remember that brand working for bubbles either lol. Haven’t seen it in France, we use a brand called Rainett.

      2. Ha, cool, Frosch / Rainett rocks then!
        The Fairy ads we had seemed to always be a little girl asking questions to her mum who was washing up then going on about how soft her hands were.

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