The Big Wine Bottle and Maslin Beach

From Rude to Nude

McLaren Vale is part of Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide in South Australia. The wine area is situated near the coast and has many different soil types. It is especially renowned for its red wine production and a well-loved day trip amongst Adelaideans and tourists.


The Big Wine Bottle, more accurately The Big Church Block Bottle, greets visitors at the Wirra Wirra vineyard. It had been constructed for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in 2010 and was re-located the same year. The steel framework is 10 meters high. Recycled corks have been threaded individually to create the outside mesh. Many pieces were missing on the back of the bottle. Like Larry the Lobster it seems, Australia’s Big Things are best photographed from a distance.

I haven’t been to too many wine tastings and my wine vocabulary is limited but at Wirra Wirra we felt somewhat misplaced. One look at us, a young family, and he didn’t even get out the expensive bottles. He showed off all his big words with an air of smugness and we somehow ended up with “a nice mid-week bottle for only $30” to get out of there. Maybe don’t bring the kids? The Hamilton Estate across the road seemed like a much nicer place…

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Maslin Beach, with its wide beach, golden sand and turquoise water, is not only famous for its pristine coast, it also hosts one of Australia’s few nude beaches. You’ve read right. Many Australians would rather melt on a 40 degree day than take off their t-shirts. They can seem a bit prudish at times (from a German perspective). Sun smart probably doesn’t help with that.

A trail of footprints leads you straight down to the sign that marks the beginning of endless freedom. Up and down that strip of shoreline was indeed a lonely nudesman parading his right. They really mean business here. The nudists of Maslin Beach host annual Beach Nude Games, which may not have a lot to do with a classic sports competition.

On the run sheet of the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games from last year you find a sack race, a three-legged race and a best bum competition. Why not have an egg run? (Am I too old to find this so funny?)

Happy road tripping!


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  1. A *sack* race???!!!! and other punctuation! Age has nothing to do with it. That’s hilarious! I like how they call it an ‘unclad’ beach. Is nude too rude?

    1. You put this so nicely, I don’t known what to add to this… Did you know, dogs are not allowed during day light savings at the unclad beach?
      Or maybe we skip the sausage joke …

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