Murals in Berlin

Welcome to murals in Berlin. Today you’ll find a collection of rather large pieces. I did show them before but chances are, you’ve missed something. Feel free to discover the older street art postcards in the links!

There will be new art eventually when taking public transport seems less like Russian Roulette.

Murals in Berlin street art Wandbilder

Snik and Nuno Viegas Weißensee
Snik und Nuno Viegas – Postcards from Berlin #6
strassenkunst mit Pfau street art berlin be kitschig blog
Strassenkunst Mauerpark
Cas.L – Changing Wall
Innerfield Wandbild Strassenkunst Prenzlauer Berg  be kitschig blog

Wandbild streetart
Innerfields – Postcards from Berlin #14

Various and Gold großes Wandbild hinter Hotel Oderberger Str.  Prenzlauer Berg
Various & Goulds – Postcards from Berlin #9
Postcards from Berlin Tristan Eaton streetart  be kitschig blog

Murals in Berlin street art Wandbild
Tristan Eaton – Postcards from Berlin #19
Großes Wandbild Berlin Friedrichshain Arsek & Erase
Arsek & Erase – Postcards from Berlin #17
Used Look  Moabit be kitschig blog
streetart Wandbild
Herakut- more details here

Since this is not a recycling post, obviously, there is one new piece of art for you as well.

Freie Internationale tankstelle Berlin Wandbild by Alaniz bekitschig blog

 streetart Wandbild
FIT got dressed up even more – Alaniz, also Caro Pepe and Bustart Wandbrand on the wall in front

It’s not really photo weather at the moment … I’ll keep this post updated with nice large artwork.

Happy Hump Day!

Postcards from Berlin #10


Sunrise at the abandoned resort

Street Art in Antwerp

Teufelsberg Berlin

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21 thoughts on “Murals in Berlin

  1. Wie schön! Danke fürs Teilen. Da bekomme ich direkt Lust, mal wieder auf Entdeckungstour zu gehen. Bis auf die Ratten sind alle Bilder neu für mich. 🙂

    1. Einen ganz lieben Dank für dein Feedback. Ich weiß immer nicht, ob ich recycling posts machen soll, aber mir wurde letztens mehrmals gesagt, ich kenne das vielleicht schon, aber für andere ist es immer noch spannend. Gerade jetzt, wo man nicht unbedingt viele andere Sachen sieht. Ich glaube, ich werd noch etwas mehr recyceln 😉 Einen schönen Sonntag!

      1. Für mich war es auch neu, weil ich den ein oder anderen Post nicht mitbekommen habe. Recycling klingt nach einer guten Idee. Und du machst ja auch Ergänzungen oder hast nach einer Weile sogar einen neuen Standpunkt entwickelt. Du könntest auch jeden Tag ein und dieselbe Sache beschreiben und es wäre niemals identisch. Das ist das Coole an Momentaufnahmen. 😉 Dir auch noch einen schönen Sonntag!

  2. We are a boring lot of people here in the U.S. as I don’t see anything the likes of these. The rats are kind of creepy, but I love the Snoopy mural the best.

    1. Well, you do have Shepard Fairy and Logan Hicks and Ron English and Tristan Eaton and … It may be a bit easier to find street art in Berlin than in the tiny villages. Mabye you need to check your local skate park? It is often hard to find the nice pieces, not just tags. Some communities offer walls to practice as a way to keep kids busy and cities clean. There must be some near you?!?

      1. When I worked in downtown Detroit we used to have big murals on some of the older buildings to kind of spruce them up a little – then they tore many of them down and the modern buildings had different types of architecture – more glass, less brick, so those murals became a thing of the past. We get lots of graffiti at the Park as you see on that one wall – kids change the gang graffiti scrawls, scribbles and colors almost weekly.

  3. I once met Herakut at an exposition here in Frankfurt. They had just returned from Syria, where they had been giving classes to children in refugee camps.

    1. Oh how cool. They certainly get around! I really like their unique style. It’s also nice to see that some people can really live off art 😉

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