Postcards from Berlin #19

Welcome to streetart Postcards from Berlin #19. This time we have a nice little mix from all over the city.

#streetart postcards from Berlin #19 be kitschig blog
Street Yogi & Mosiac at Haus des Lehrers by Walter Womacka, Alexanderplatz

The street yogis are back! (That’s the tiny cork people.) Also, summer in Berlin sucks royally …

Cranio mural Holzmarkt Berlin streetart be kitschig blog
Mural by cranio, Holzmarkt
Gartenzwerg garden gnome Holzmarkt bekitschig blog Berlin
Gnome at work, Holzmarkt
Postcards from Berlin Dimitri Wrubel Le Baiser Regis Bossu Berliner Mauer
I’ve got a new bicycle, which you don’t have to be excited about but I certainly am … It makes for great photo tours. Stay tuned for a post on East Side Gallery! – Le Baiser by Dimitri Wrubel
Postcards Berlin 19 dared art fox paste up
dared art is getting foxy, Prenzlauer Berg
Objet trouvé burned down portable toilet bekitschig blog
Objet trouvé, Wedding
Postcards from Berlin #19 eme freethinker & Pen Chill I have a dream
I have a dream – eme freethinker & Pen Chill, Mauerpark
Riesenblumen [Giant FLower] by Sergej Alexander Dott (out of driving car), Alt-Treptow
Señor Schnu, erm … somewhere in Berlin
Postcards from Berlin Tristan Eaton mural streetart Berlin be kitschig blog
Attack of the 50 Foot Socialite by Tristan Eaton (hand painted not mapped out or projected!) Am Friedrichshain
Postcards from Berlin 19 be kitschig blog Tristan Eaton

This mural was inspired by a 50s Science Fiction movie. The location serves this really well. On the left you see an old GDR Plattenbau, the house on the right hand side hosts super fancy condos. Which one is more lifeless?

Chalk art Friedenstaube peace Dove bekitschig blog Berlin
Peace Doves – chalk art at a bar Picasso style, Prenzlauer Berg
Great Thunberg saving the world Teufelsberg Berlin stencil streetart Postcards from Berlin be kitschig blog
Greta saves the world, Teufelsberg
Weird is a side effect of awesome street art by Tobo Berlin Teufelsberg
Weird is a side effect of awesome by Tobo, Teufelsberg

We’ve paid Teufelsberg a little visit again, so stay tuned for some amazing street art! I’ll get around to that shortly, unless Berlin goes to hell by all the anti-maskers. (I’m sure half of them vote AfD.)

Sticker, Prenzlauer Berg

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! I really hope you enjoyed the Postcards from Berlin #19. Which piece was your favorite today?

Teufelsberg Berlin

Streetart by El Bocho

Streetart in Antwerp

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41 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #19

    1. Thank you Brian. It was fun to put together because I realized, we’ve been out and about quiet a bit since we’re allowed to!

      1. Thank you! Schools opened in Berlin last week; let’s see how we’ll go … It seems a lot of people are not taking it really serious anymore.

  1. Gut zu sehen, dass die DDR streetart hier auch vertreten ist durch Walter Womacka, nach über 50 Jahren ist das nun Teil der Kulturgeschichte, man muss das ja nicht mögen, aber für die Zeit war dieser Wandfries wirklich sehr modern, gibt durchaus schlimmere und gruseligere Propaganda noch heute.

    1. Du … ich mag den Womacka ja sehr gern. Liegt aber bestimmt auch an der Ästhetik meiner Kindheit 😉 Das Schöne an ihm ist ja, dass er öfter mal wieder zurückgefiffen wurde, um das Mosaik sozialistischer zu machen!

      1. Namen sind ja bekanntlich wie Schall und Rauch, aber verrätst du mir trotzdem noch deinen Vornamen, meiner ist Ulli, irgendwo in meinem Blog ist auch ein Foto von mir, aber nur von hinten. Meine Frau geistert ähnlich dort irgendwo herum.🙂

        P.S. Kann eh niemand prüfen, ob der angegebene Name so wirklich stimmt …. also spannend auf jeden Fall.

      2. Fast fertig, muss nur noch ein paar Abbildungen im Keller und Archiv raussuchen, mal wieder richtiges Papier in den Händen und Staub der Zeit in der Nase. Morgen schon wieder weg aus Berlin 👣💦💦💦😎

  2. Wow – what a collection. From Greta to Peace Doves … I like the doves for their simple statement, but the “Attack of the 50 Foot Socialite” mural was very impressive. I am hearing more and more people are getting new bikes or getting one for the first time that here in the U.S. the bike manufacturers can’t build them fast enough, the bike shops can’t keep them in stock, nor service them quickly enough … a 3-4 week wait time for service. They mentioned those facts as Schwinn was debuting a bike this Summer, a limited run and it has a vintage look. They expected to sell out quickly for those who remember their Schwinn bike from their youth. I look forward to seeing your bike trips in upcoming posts Jeanine.

    1. Hi Linda, my friend has a bicyle shop here in Berlin and talked me into getting a ‘better’ bike. I do love my old one but I was ready to dodge the kid seat and ride a bit more sporty. It is also great fun when your brakes actually do brake … To close the circle, that bike shop does not offer any bike service at the moment because they simply do not have the time. It is nice to know that people in America rediscover old ways of traveling 😉 Stay safe

      1. I loved riding my bike for years and was hit by a driver coming out of a bar and running a stop sign in 1976. She didn’t stop but I got 4 numbers of her license plate, a good description of her and the car and took that info to the police station – they found her three days later. I only had road rash and bruises but my bike was damaged and my parents’ house insurance paid for it to be repaired. This was just a regular bike, nothing fancy, no gears, etc. We had to go to court and her attorney said the sun was low on the horizon and she saw me but I fell off the bike and she helped me up. Not true. She hit me. She got a ticket for a rolling stop and that was it. Schwinn was a big name in bikes back in the day. I’m glad they are back to being made here and people are enjoying a favorite past time again. They have linked 4 big parks so that you can ride 49 miles from start to finish in a loop just for bikes/walkers – that is awesome. I wouldn’t mind to try that, but I don’t have a bike right now … an exercise bike only. One day I will get another bike. You stay safe too Jeanine.

      2. Yes, I was sitting in court the better part of a day, so lost a day of work – it was in the Summer and I worked at a diner while I was on school break. He kept calling her Peggy, not Miss/Ms. _____ (don’t recall her last name) but I thought that was unprofessional to be honest. The whole thing was a travesty, from the woman who witnessed the accident while sitting on her porch and got up and went into the house. I knocked at the door – no answer. I don’t know if I would testify either, but it was 1976 … things like crime were not so bad then. At the diner where I worked, we prepared the prisoner meals 3X a day, so I got to know most of the police officers who came into the restaurant to eat or pick up the meals … they believed me and they were angry that she was not charged for leaving the scene of an accident.

  3. Amazing artworks all. The 50 foot Socialite must be impressive to see in real life! Always good to see a Tobo, and Greta goalkeeper is cool and funny.
    I got a new bike too 🙂 Congrats. Yours is lovely, but where is the basket or rear rack? I have rear rack and pannier bags, and can now do a good food shopping trip if I wear my rucksack too. Have one fitted if you can, you won’t regret it.
    I love bicycles so much, freedom and ease 🙂
    Great post, stay safe and well, and happy cycling!

    1. Hello there, I’m glad you liked the collection! My old bike features rack, front basket (with flowers) and child seat … I was really ready for a sporty ride. You are right though, it doesn’t come in handy for food shopping, there may have to be a few upgrades; we’ll see how we go 😉 For now it is just really fun to ride! Happy cycling!

      1. Hi again. Yes, you are so right… I kept my old mountain bike which is sportier for whizzing about and can take the bumps. With the new one I have to keep it strictly on road for fear of damaging it. It’s a bit of a treat actually having two diff bikes now 🙂

  4. Passing the huge picture at „Am Friedrichshain“ multiple times during the week. It is really impressive

      1. Oh oh, should stop commenting 😉
        Once I find a Gartenzwerg in front of my door, I know …

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