Street Art in Antwerp

Welcome to street art in Antwerp. Enjoy!

#streetart from Anwerp by Pablo Piatti be kitschig blog Berlin #mural
Pablo Piatti
#mural by astro Astrograff Belgium be kitschig blog Berlin
streetart in Andwerp Marc Sleen be kitschig blog Berlin
Marc Sleen & Exmar

Now, people in Belgium do not just read Tin Tin.

be kitschig blog Berlin  Mural for Stripmuren in Antwerp Belgium comic art

Les Aventures De Neron et C / LES NEROTIQUES

Map of Stripmuren 2019
be kitschig blog Berlin  Sculpture Cathedral Antwerp
Nello and Patrasche in frotn of Antwerp Cathedral

They are the heros from the 19th-century novel A Dog of Flanders by Marie Louise de la Ramée, under the synonym of Ouida. It tells the story of an orphan boy who grows up with his grandpa and finds a dog nearly beaten to death.

(This is the super short version, spoiler alert.)

After the dog recovers, they become best friends. In the church of Antwerp he wants to see the art work of Rubens and both of them are found frozen the next day. Rumors go, this story is much more famous in Japan than in Belgium.

be kitschig blog Berlin  #grafitti mural Belgium Antwerp

While it is really hard to find street art in some cities, in Andwerp all you need to do is look. Unfortunately, a lot of the city has been cleaned up a few years ago but you will still find older street art pieces all over the city.

be kitschig blog Berlin  old grafitti Antwerp Belgium
Just some back yard
be kitschig blog Berlin  Streetart in Antwerp Beglium

Street Art in Antwerp – a Lane Way

#streetart in Antwerp Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin

The thing with alleys is, that you usually cannot take a decent photo there …

#streetart in Antwerp Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin movealong paste up
grafitti house in down town Antwerp
Patrick Paste Up Sponge Bob public art Belgium Antwerp
#streetart in Antwerp Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin
#streetart in Antwerpen Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin
It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love
paste up be kitschig blog Berlin
Love locks in Antwerpen Belgium
The obligatory love locks
#streetart in Antwerp Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin
#streetart in Antwerp Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin
Old art deco add from Antwerp Belgium

There is so much street art in Antwerp that you will find an entire Facebook page dedicated to it. Antwerp may be the hidden street art capital of Belgium (and we didn’t even make it to the hip places.)

objet trouve be kitschig blog shopping trolley
Objet trouvé
#streetart in Antwerp Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin resmone grafitti wall mural
grafitti Wall mural
#streetart in Antwerp Belgium Be Kitschig Blog Berlin Walk with pride Überweg crossing rainbow pride
Walk with pride

I really hope you liked the street art from Antwerp! More pictures from our trip to Belgium coming soon …

Sunrise at the abandoned resort

Save Mauerpark

Postcards from Berlin #15

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33 thoughts on “Street Art in Antwerp

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! There are a few hot spots and a big alley we hoped to go see in summer. We’ll see how that goes …

  1. I’ve never actually visited Antwerp, it’s just a traffic jam hotspot on our drives to and from England. I had no idea it was such a hotbed of brilliant street art. I was a bit thrown by the scale of the ‘objet troevé’ phtoo. I first thought it was a tiny toy shopping trolley on some ancient cobblestones, but I suspect it’s a real one on the muddy riverbank. As for Cafe den Billenkletser, did you realise you’d picked a funny name there? ‘Billen’ are buttocks/bottom and ‘kletsen’ is usually chatting, so it either means someone talking out of their backside, but given it might be dialect, it might have something to do with slapping bottoms because ‘billenkoek’ means a spanking.

    1. The trolley was from the river bank. We took the tunnel to the other side, since Antwerp has no bridges. I didn’t know about the name; thank you! It seemed there were a few oddly named or themed things. I would really love to go back in nicer weather and explore a bit more (and have more chocolate!!!)

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