Street Yogis of Berlin

Korkmännchen —

Street Art of a Different Kind

Korkmänchen Max Steinke Straße
Korkmännchen by Josef Foos
Street Yogi Am Zirkus
Korkmännchen by Josef Foos

Be kitschig blog street yogi streeart berlin
Street Yogi Am Zirkus
Korkmännchen by Josef Foos

kitsch Streetart Berlin
Street Yogi Senefelder Straße
Korkmännchen by Josef Foos
Korkmännchen Gaudystraße
Happiness street art Berlin be kitschig blog
Cork Art Street Yogi Ystader Straße

What Is a Street Yogi, You Might Ask?

Josef Foos, sports enthusiast and yoga teacher from Berlin, started making his Korkmännchen in 2009. While the news suggests the street yogis are meant to promote his yoga business, I chose to believe he does it just for art. Installed high up on street signs, his cork people suffer more from natural causes than souvenir hunting.

(I also don’t seem to be tall enough to take a decent photo of them. Oh, how I’ve tried… The best photos have been taken with the help of my wonderful offspring on my shoulders; great fun! Who cares about people looking at you funny?)

After Yoga, the Korkmännchen took on other sports as well as dancing. Today, you will find Street Yogi in any district. Rumours go, Mr. Foos also inspired copycats, not just in Berlin.

Click here to not miss his homage to local Street Artists, including Dave the Chimp, Karacho, Various & Gould or Nineta.

Korkmännchen Weißensee

You will find more Yogis on the official website street-yoga

In order to see, sometimes it helps to look up.

Korkmänchen be kitschig blog berlin
Korkmänchen Behaimstraße, while it is hard to tell, he’s somewhat of a super hero in a cape

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