Same procedure as every year

You know the merry season is over when …

poinsetta - same procedure as every year

Euphorbia pulcherrima roughtly translates into “why on earth do you keep trying”. Surprisingly, poinsettia actaully made it all the way to the New Year this year.

Warum du keinen Weihnachststern kaufen solltest


January and February in Berlin are certainly not for wimps. Even in ‘bright’ daylight, you cannot take a decent photo. May your start to the year be less gloomy!

Thanks for flying with be kitschig & stay on the bright side of life.

Same procedure as every year? Proof right here.

A party without a cake

Postcards from Berlin #26

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9 thoughts on “Same procedure as every year

  1. That looks just like my geranium that flowered at Christmas when I brought it inside. I’m hoping to keep it alive long enough to take cuttings. I cut out the middle man with poinsettias and don’t bother buying them any more. The excuse is that they’re poisonous for cats, so why take the chance? You can probably get a pretty convincing fake one and reuse year after year.

  2. Here in Michigan the weather guy says January 10th is the grayest day of the year … hard to distinguish as we’ve not seen the sun in days. I have never been able to keep a poinsettia past Christmas. I either under-water it or over-water it.

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