Season Greetings

Christmas is done and dusted in our house. We are yet to unwrap presents but that’s about it … so welcome to Season Greetings 2020. While I usually (usually always as my father-in-law would say) don’t really show private photos, here are a few impressions from our Christmas decorations.

For people that don’t really dig this season, we seem to have accumulated an awful lot of stuff …

Christmas Flamigno Tree Decoration 
Flamingo Weihnachtsbaum Schmuck 
bekitschig blog Berlin
The Christmas Pickles are up
Bah Humbug Tree Topper Weihnachtsbaum Spitze Mütze
Bah Humbug — we still don’t have a propper tree topper
Elf on the Shelf 
bekitschig blog season greetings
How did an elf get on my shelf?
Masha the cat is not wild about Christmas bekitschig blog 
Katze mit Weihnachtsmütze
The cat has even less Christmas spirit than I do … Is she not wild about it?
(Get it? Get it? Ahhahhaaaa!)
Season greetings hanging shelf 
Regal weihnachtlich dekoriert 
bekitschig blog
The Santa Nesting Dolls, Lourdes, Marie and one proper hand-made angel from the Ore Mountains on the hanging shelf
Weihnachts Pfau Christmas peacock 
bekitschig blog
Advent wreath
Season greetings 
Adventskranz bekitschig blog
And two peackocks
Nussknacker nut cracker 
Season greatings be kitschig blog
Flowers from my Better Half and a nutcracker that I found on a tomb stone in a little park. True story. A bit of glue and he was just fine. (He can’t crack nuts anymore but we like him just the way he is.)
bekitschig blog
Poinsettia [Euphorbia pulcherrima kaputta] —

Same procedure every year … Can anyone explain to me how you not kill those?
Garten Flamingo mit Weihnachtsmütze 
pink flamingo christmas hat 
Season greetings
This one didn’t mind the hat, not like the cat …

There you have it. Season greetings done. It is a bit odd how many birds seem to be in this place!? Enjoy your merry days. We’re locking down again, so sleeping in until the New Year! Marvelous.

Have a happy Hump Day!

Make the most of your week; it is, what it is … Thanks for flying with be kitschig!

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30 thoughts on “Season Greetings

  1. Heya, what fun, festive and traditional decorations galore! Love them all really. The ‘Bah Humbug’ hat is a nice touch 🙂
    We have new curfews here (again) so my bicycle ride home from work at night is quiet (again). Happy “lockdown Christmas curfew winter wonderland vaccine yule mask holiday season greetings!!” 🙂

  2. I like the decor and I have one small plaid moose sitting on the corner cabinet … next year I promise myself I will decorate a little. The flamingo with the Santa cap made me smile!

    1. Our place is so small, it doesn’t take much to make it all decorated 😉 Once we live without kids, I am not sure if we will do Christmas alltogether … My dream was always just to go somewhere nice for a long weekend or something. Strangely, with the lockdown it really feels as if everything is calming down. Feels more festive than usually?!?

      1. I used to really put alot of effort into decorating but since I’m by myself now, I only managed to put up one small moose. Next year I’ll do better. I have a very small house and to take everything out of the Rubbermaid tote boxes and find a temporary home for all the knickknacks took an entire day. No more of that. Here in the U.S., lots of people are buying real trees for the first time in years, decorating more inside and out, and they say they are feeling more festive to compensate for not doing the usual Christmas parties/get-togethers.

      2. I do feel a little festive this year 🙂 No claustrophobia at the Christmas market or last minute shopping … Let’s see what we learn from this for next year!

      3. Yes, that’s because you’ll have time to enjoy the holiday as you’re not so rushed. I’m never rushed as it’s just me and I don’t buy presents for everyone and didn’t decorate (and I am still behind in everything). Sleep in late. Stay in your PJs or sweats all day now. I have worked from home for a decade … most of the time I am in my PJs. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sheree! I guess we’ll be home at least until mid January … We’ll see. It this weather staying home is no too bad 😉 Stay safe

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