Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow

Welcome to yet another (almost) Wordless Wednesday! The Flea Market Hall in Berlin Treptow is a pure treasure chest, not just for fans of vintage lamps. From records to household goods, different vendors offer a cornucopia of stuff.

Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow - bekitschig.blog - vintage industrial letters
deer - hirsch mit pailletten - bekitschig.blog
Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow - bekitschig.blog - Büste auf Minibar
alte Puppe im Karton - old doll
kuckucksuhr - coo coo clock - bekitschig.blog
Stuff! Right, left and center …
Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow - bekitschig.blog - alter Kinderwagen
Wasserhähne - Armatur - faucet - Flohmarkt Treptow
This would make a nice search image. Find 10 mistakes in the paradise of faucets.
Swign to Crispiness Flea Market Berlin - bekitschig blog
Vintage Kellogg’s container and, well, stuff.
Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow - bekitschig.blog - old lamp

I fell terribly in love with the horizontal lamp and the cluster in the middle; an original Kaiser! Maybe if you do love lamps, consider not going AT ALL to the Flea Market Hall or taking a decent stack of cash …

Vintage Lamps - Original Kaiser Lampe
retro Flaschenöffner - vintage bottle openers
Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow - bekitschig.blog - vintage industrial lamps

Prepare to get dusty fingers here! Across the Flea Market Hall you also find a fantastic taco stand. (Like OMG!)

Treptow offers nice bars near the river. You’re also close to Kreuzberg and the East Side Gallery. One perfect day on the weekend covered!

Boxhandschuhe - retro Poster Berlin Tierpark - Sitz von Kettenkaroussell

While we didn’t walk out with sexy lamps, we may have purchased a stack of pretty cheesy records; half of them only good enough to spin them come Eurovision. Plus, we got a great tip on how to fix our GDR coffee grinder. (Worked! Mein Mann kann.)

Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow - bekitschig.blog - records & kitsch
Mexican Food Truck Berlin Treptow - bekitschig.blog - Taco Point Santa Lusha
You might know this style by now. More street art by Eme Freethinker!

Did you spot anything you would’ve bought?

Happy online traveling!

Have a happy Humb Day. We’ve got this!

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38 thoughts on “Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow

    1. Many people have this romantic dream of running a stall. It actually involves a lot of work and early hours … Part of me always wanted that, too 🙂 What did he sell?
      Since we’re not locked down, we’ve been really enjoing those. Kid’s hunting for Lego bargains and I found my first David Hasselhoff record! Oh, yesss!

      1. He specialized in old furniture. Farmer tables, cupboards, etc. Nice stuff. But people wanted to pay the same price as Ikea for a 19th century massive oak table? Come on.
        David Hasselhoff? LOL.

      2. I wrote a lot of text design related … People only ever wanna pay Ikea prizes. If something is hand made with good materials that’s simply not possible. A nice wooden cupboard can last a few generations …

      3. They did. We had a very large “armoire” in wall nut wood that belonged to my grandfather, probably came form his family. 19th century. Solid as new. (Beautiful wood)

  1. I went to a flea market today, and bought some cool items. I always enjoy the treasure hunt, and unique finds. To answer your questions I spotted several items I would have purchased. The question would be how would I get them back home to America?

    1. I wonder what you got!
      Oh yeah, there’s that … I have my heart set on a hula lamp. They’re not cheap as it is and then there’s the ridicolous shipping 🙁
      I often take photos as a form of window shopping. + When you like kitsch, you can’t just take it ALL home 😉

      1. “I often take photos as a form of window shopping. + When you like kitsch, you can’t just take it ALL home” that is the truest statement I have heard all morning…lol. If you ever get to Hawaii the flea markets have a plethora of hula lamps, but good luck getting it in your suitcase.

    1. I fêted this read 🙂 Thank you for the great article. That was rather sophisticated English! Very interesting. You don’t find many artists who embrace kitsch, but considering he doesn’t want to be political, the ironic approach makes sense. (But wouldn’t make that political again?) Thank you very much for thinking if I! I really appreciate it

  2. If I let you have the fab lamp (it would actually fill up our whole appartment!), can I have the leater fauteuils please? Not too chunky, good size, elegant yet comfy looking…..

    1. They are all yours if you can figure out what color that is 🙂 And no, I couldn’t hang that lamp anywhere in our shoe box! Life goes on … (but you can dream, damn)

      1. Wasn’t sure about the colour either but I saw the style and liked it. Oh well, that lamp WAS certainly an eye catcher (and its size probably the reason for landing on the fleamarket!)

  3. Hmm – the doll was a little creepy but I liked the Kellogg’s cracker container with the girl swinging on the front. You did not buy the sequined reindeer with the purple sparkly antlers? The lamps and lighting fixtures were unique. You find the best places to go … the taco stand across the street included!

    1. Hi Linda, the deer was really hard not to, to be honest. I did end up with a painting though … sigh, kitsch is a hard number, you just cannot have it all … In the long run, the print may be a better purchase than Sir Deer, but I did like him … 🙂 I’m sure you’ll see the lovely print here soon … ish

    2. Linda, I was just going to ask the same question – In fact I thought our sweet Kitsch-Lover would have broken the bank (or Sparsäuli) to get this sequined monster Rudolfina! 🙂

      1. Kiki – We all need to indulge ourselves a little – it’s been a long 18 months. Maybe these comments will encourage our sweet Kitsch-Lover to make a return trip and grab it, maybe before this weekend!

    1. Ah, isn’t she just? Damn, she’s nice. I’m not sure if this is original Bauhaus or just industrial hotness … Either way, my funds won’t do 🙁 but I’ve got a postcard memory 😉

    1. Moon candle holder. Well, that’s brave 🙂 Do you mean the cuckoo clock? It’s funny, there were so many people that had one in Australia. I don’t know a single person here that has one 🙂 Altough, my better half seems keen. The stuff in that place is mind boggling!!!

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