Parking is not for everyone

So, I’ve been having a streak of meh this year and my brain started playing tricks on me. It’s digging up odd situations and people I haven’t thought about in years.

Today I came across a post called When I Grow Up, I Want To Be… by the incredibly funny Mr. Ohh! that deals with the beauty of parking lots. Just yesterday I remembered a peculiar encounter on exactly one of those.

Parking lots are hell

I don’t like driving. Here, I said it. I’ve probably driven enough in ‘stralia to last for this lifetime. I get the pleasure of driving through a lit city at night or serpentines in Italy, but I don’t get peoples’ fascination with cars, or the need to drive a giant SUV and if your profile picture on Facebook is your car, honey, we very likely have little in common. Growing up in the vast nothingness that the state of Brandenburg is, attaining a drivers license was crucial, if you wanted to have some sort of social life. It was basically intrinsic to your entire existence. We were young, we needed to disco.

Driving instructors are certainly a special breed. Mine at least didn’t get tired of explaining, that it was not a good idea to throw your hands up in the air in a moment of panic. After I learned to hold on to the steering wheel and where “the other left” was, we managed alright. The car was red, no clue what brand, and I passed the first test with, well, a mix of kindness and dumb luck. The guy in charge must’ve been well-meaning (or avoiding sitting in a car with me a second time). Parallel parking was never my friend, let alone in Australia, where you do it on the wrong side of the road. While my story is short, let me explain the situation a little.

Imagine this was a parking lot next to the grocery store on a sunny day.

on the pain of parking lots be kitschig blog

Admittedly, I didn’t do a fantastic job parking that car, but it was completely within the lines. Needs to fit SUV’s. As I got out of the car an old man looked at my job parking contemptuously, got into the car in front, put it into reverse and drove into my car on purpose before he drove off.

(See, makes me still angry. Finished sentence with preposition.)

For a second, I stood there completely baffled, then I checked on Little One in the baby seat. Lucky for him, cause I didn’t get a chance to look at his license plate. What must your day/life be like, to do something like that?

Dude what the ...

Before you ask, baby was fine, car had only a little dent, I was royally confused.

If we analyzed people’s behavior in parking lots or shopping centers, that would make for one fine paper.

Do you have a parking lot story to share?

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! Why not head over to Mr. Ooh! and show him some love? Have a nice weekend and tackle the meh in your live in a calm manner. It is, what it is.

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20 thoughts on “Parking is not for everyone

  1. I‘m with you on Driving we must but it doesn‘t have to be enjoyable! I have very bad eyesight and yet I (still, for the time being) got my driver‘s permit upon returning to my native Switzerland 3yrs ago…. I was stunned but of course thankful.
    So last week I met my ‚neighbour‘ parking-lot guy. We live in the same building and I cheerfully said to him: So Stefan, now you know that when there is little space between our parked cars, it‘s me and not HH. And he: It‘s ALWAYS the women who don‘t know how to park cars.
    His ‚adorable rate‘ has gone through the cellar in 20‘‘ FLAT.

    1. Not the first guy whose cute points dye once he opens his mouth… By the way, it’s ALWAYS men who have a higher risk of killing themselves driving 🤔

  2. I have seen Mr. Ohh’s funny comments on fellow blogger Sandra’s site … she is a wonderful photographer. I’ve wandered over to his site a few times – for sure we can all use a smile these days. I took driver’s training but I never remember learning how to parallel park. I hadn’t been absent – why did we not cover it? I have a mid-sized car and would not attempt it, but, don’t laugh, if parallel parking is the only option, I go where no one can pull in ahead or behind me like near a driveway or as close as I can get legally to a stop sign … that’s cheating I guess. People over here will get mad if you take the parking splace they wanted and not think twice about shooting you. We had a guy during one of the last ice storms take out his pistol after another driver slid on the ice and ended up going through the stop sign or stop light. He didn’t crash into his car – he just was mad the other driver didn’t stop like he was supposed to – really?!?!

  3. I’m with you all the way. I don’t like driving. Less so in the city. Highway is ok. For one hour… 😬
    I can believe the old f.rt hit tour car? Humans! 🙄

      1. Haha! Don’t underrate yourself… 😉 Your entire blog is a testimony to your sense of humour. In the 80’s I worked a lot across Europe, with many nationalities. each country/culture has its own brand of humour. Just a matter of listening and understanding.
        Have a lovely week, German girl… 👧 (That emoji is what my Mac displays… LOL)

  4. I think a lot of people become temporarily insane in parking lots. I was once waiting patiently for a person to leave a spot. Just as he left, someone in another car who saw me waiting, looked right at me and pulled right into said spot and began laughing!

  5. I refuse to parallel park. Only once in a great while I’ll do it, but only if I’m at the end, or the front, of the row, and there’s no other parking within a huge radius! Ha! Here, people really pull in so close to you (and the cars are so big now) that it’s hard to get out even if you’re an experienced parallel parker! Ha!

  6. What a crazy story! I hate parallel parking. I follow Mr. Ooh! and recommend him also.

  7. I love it. This is a great story and it’s great that you can laugh about it. Don’t sweat the parking I have trouble with it myself, the new cars actually do it themslves. 🤣😎🙃 Thanks for the love ❤

    1. My pleasure. I think the most confusing thing was, that the door was already open while I wanted to get the baby out of the car, so he clearly saw that. What the … ego? Today I laugh about it.

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