Postcards from Berlin #8

Mostly phone photography edition, Prenzlauer Berg

Matrjoschka matryoshka kitsch streetart urbanart berlin
Matryoshka by Ostap
Phatty Dared art berlin streetart urbanart
Phatty by Dared
berlin construction site gentrification be kitschig blog mural
Typical Berlin picture; imaginary to the left: old building, to the right: building with elevator for cars. What is this house gonna be? Oh, there’s also a mural.
Elbocho streetart urbanart bekitschig blog berlin
Little Lucy by El Bocho
Little Lucy El Bocho street art berlin be kitschig blog
Little Lucy, El Bocho
AFD protest in BVG Underground (AFD is the favorite new party to despise in Germany, unless you’re some frustrated delusional I’m-not-a-nazy-but person)
Grey is the new pink, graffiti police by Ostap streetart berlin be kitschig blog
Graffiti Police by Ostap
Paul und Heinrich der Gartenzwerg Berlin be kitschig blog
Heinrich der Gartenzwerg and Paul in nicer weather …

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Dragoste Berlin street art urbanart bekitschig blog berlin
The angle in that entrance was way too odd to take a proper photo
Dragoste Polaroid streetart urbanart be kitschig blog berlin prenzlauer berg
Do you like my rollkoffer streetart berlin
Do you like my Rollkoffer? The rolling suitcase, ah, the sound of Airbnb …
Postcards from Berlin Chaaze Loyd
Chaaze Loyd
street art urrban art berlin Mauerpark
Ito Itazaki
Baustelle in Berlin Verkleidung  Mauerpark Prenzlauer Berg
Dressed up construction site

Berlin Mauerpark

cute kitty streetart berlin RABEA SENFTENBERG be kitschig blog
Cat by Rabea Senftenberg
Dear deer urbanart mural streetart
artsy window treatment prevents graffiti
El Bocho streetart be kitschig blog
El Bocho

Art Park Tegel

Postcards from Berlin #20

David Hasselhoff Museum Berlin

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