Postcards from Berlin #20

Welcome to street art Postcards from Berlin #20. Unbelievable, we’re up to number 20! Enjoy some fine art from Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding and Teufelsberg. Turns out, not everybody is into gnomes and all. (Yeah, I know, crazy.)

bekitschig blog streetart Berlin El Bocho
I got an El Bocho photo before it got completely butchered
Askew One Mural Schönhauser Stargader Str Berlin
Askew One
Paweł Ryżko und Cezary Hunkiewicz Solidarność
The Changing Wall changed once again – Solidarność by Paweł Ryżko and Cezary Hunkiewicz
Postcards from Berlin #20
Damn, I miss my library … This was cute and is now covered with some rather poor graffiti
Keule Comix Street art Berlin bekitschig blog
Keule Comix — Haben Sie Restalkohol? – Nö, schon alles ausgetrunken.
Do you have any residual alcohol? – Nope, drank it all already.
street art Berlin Mauerpark Zum Glück Berliner Eme Freeethinker bekitschig blog
eme freethinker – Zum Glück Berliner
Postcards from Berlin 20 Wassermelone Mauerpark
Objet trouvé
Postacards from Berlin #20 spreenoble Mauerpark street art
Renzo & Co. Spreenoble
Postcards from Berlin Spreenoble S G Raum mauerpark art
S.G. Raum, Spreenoble
Postcards from Berlin #20 Teufelsberg Klint like Mural Self Made Crew
Self Made Crew & friends – Adele is eating a Döner Kebap. Genius.
Postcards from Berlin #20 Little Lucy El Bocho
Little Lucy is getting into cat trouble again or is it the cat into trouble? … El Bocho
Be Kitschig Blog Street Art Berlin Teufelsberg Woman Mural Sebo Creation
Sebo Creation
Make the rich pay for covid bekitschig blog
Make the rich pay for Covid19
street art paste up ausgebremst thwarted bekitschig blog Berlin
Korkmännchen Baumschulenweg streetart Berlin bekitschig blog
Street Yogi
Postcards from Berlin #12 street yogi
Nothing but blue skies these days … More Street Yogis
Streetart Postcards from Berlin 20 Trump gaffiti bekitschig blog
You know how I feel about Trump … Here are some quotes editions 1 and 2
Visions cause unity bekitschig blog

This was Postcards from Berlin #20. Which piece was your favorite today?

Have a happy Hump Day!

Sunrise at the abandoned resort

Street Art in Antwerp

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24 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #20

  1. Jeanine – This is a lot of artwork you’ve featured. Love the Trump references and blame the rich for COVID sign … all that artwork is pretty incredible and so large. It always amazes me that these murals often take up a side of a building.

    1. In the last postcards there was the giant socialite. It covers a huge building and was completely done freestyle, no mapping out! Incredible. I like streetart so much because it covers political stuff or is sometimes just funny or decorative. The range is huge and it’s always nice to add some color to live.

      1. When I worked in Downtown Detroit, they had some murals going up on buildings but they were all what used to be called “op-art” – basically some three dimensional lines, squares, 3-D-looking art, but nothing special. We have a very cool chalk artist here in Michigan and he does 3-D chalk art and hires himself out at events. He does not live near me, but used to visit a park where I go once a year for their weekly jazz series. This is a much-smaller scale, but clever.

    1. Thank you! I may have been a bit stingy with street art photos lately but I’m a bit scared I’ll run out soon … It’s not like we get to go outside much these days … Take care!

    1. Hi there, usually I write that under the pictures, I should update that, sorrry. This one is huge and was spotted on Teufelsberg in Berlin. There are more photos from the trip (but subconsciously I may be saving them for lockdown…) There will always be street art around here! And gnomes. Oh, well …

  2. You’ve got there some seriously outstanding street/house/wall paintings. Hard to choose one – thanks for the entertainment. A lovely post – and not a single Gartenzwerg to spoil the fun 😉 😉 😉 (You asked for it in your first para!)

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