Schlager Sunday – Imagine

Welcome to Schlager Sunday on be kitschig blog. Today, let’s give it up for an imagination of how things could be.

John Lennon and Freddie Mercury 1971

Shakira Live at the UN’s General Assembly 2015

Lady Gaga Live at Baku 2015 European Games Opening Ceremony

Just imagine …

Schlager Sunday Imagine bekitschig blog

Have a very merry first Advent. Stay healthy, happy and sane.

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22 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Imagine

      1. don’t know – haven’t got time to re-listen now…. MAYBE?! ALL is possible at any time!
        Of course, I like the original best, it was the trendsetter for all later me-too’s. And if I remember correctly, I quite liked Bowie’s too.

  1. Liked Shakira best – but that banana eating clown vid took the biscuit (not necessarily in a good way but this is called KITSCHIG so that’s alright 😉 )

    1. The whole song borders on kitsch if you ask me … There was a great cover by David Bowie but he talked soooo much until the song started, I didn’t bother …

      1. Do you know that you can start vids at a certain point, for example, once Bowie shuts up at (just to take an ex) 03:43, you start your link from there – took me a while too to recognise that feature or maybe it wasn’t always available. I’m not that tech savvie

      1. I never knew that … I am probably the only person who never saw American Idol when it was on TV. I do like David Bowie, not all of David Bowie, but some of it. It’s funny because I, like most people, found Michael Jackson a little out there, but I really liked all of his music.

      2. The best bit about casting shows are the auditions, after that it’s a bit pointless.
        I might be one of the few people who never really got into Michael Jackson. Funny, I guess he’s pretty kitsch 🙂

      3. Oh, MJ was really “out there” but I did like his music. Same as Elvis, only a different era. I liked most of Elvis’ songs, even the early music he did when I was just a baby, plus I liked his later songs I listened to, but he was as we say here in the States “a strange ranger” … polite for “oddball”. Elvis and Michael Jackson were the same – their fame made them act over the top and also it was a lonely existence too.

      4. I do have a thing for Elvis, in a kitschy way 😉 We watched Viva Las Vegas on the weekend and I forgot how thin that plot actually is … What he (had to) put out really varies. Erm … They both must’ve been very, very lonely

      5. They have these Elvis conventions here – you can buy “Elvis everything” – his image is on any item you can imagine. I like a lot of his music. For my 20th birthday, my parents took me out for dinner at a club where there was an Elvis imitator. We used to have a lot of those around – this guy looked like Elvis did in later years with the big sunglasses, the sequined jumpsuits open wide so you saw the jewelry with the medallions on his chest. This entertainer was called “Elvis Wade” and he handed out scarves that he had around his neck to the women in the audience. We got there early and had a front seat and he came down to the table during the song and removed the scarf and handed it to me. The women all swooned and it was really a lot of fun. I wrote a post about it but didn’t have a picture. But I Googled him and he’s still at it … here he is 40 years after I saw him (now I feel really old) and still doing the act, here on YouTube:

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