Good Taste & the Mind

Good taste is the modesty of the mind;

that is why it cannot be either imitated or acquired.

Emile de Girardin

Emile de Girardin Quote Good taste ist the modesty of the mind

Well, it is Eurovision time after all, so good taste might be on hold this week …

Have a colorful and productive week!

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9 thoughts on “Good Taste & the Mind

  1. I’m not really familiar with Eurovision, but I’ve heard that we’re getting some kind of American version of it, which I imagine will be equally lacking in the good taste department. (I’ll probably also end up not being familiar with that one, either, but it won’t have anything to do with good taste! :-D)

    1. Oh no! Is that like when they remake decent French or Japanese movies and dumb it down? Please, please no!!!

      1. We judge our songs in a ‘reim dich oder ich fress dich way’ and even try to guess the rhymes. As I mentioned in the beginning, it didn’t look all that great but it won me over once more … Are you going to watch?

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