Things the World May Not Need – Condolences Cards for Pets

Buying condolence cards seems to be a major part of grown-up life. Now if someone’s Fiffy dog passes away you can even send them a card. People that like pets, generally seem like good people. Once you get to know people, you may prefer the company of animals. I get that. The loss of a pet is the loss of a loved one.

We are living in a world in which helping refugees becomes debatable. A world in which too many people have no access to education or even clean water, while America is fighting pet obesity… I may be a lover of kitsch but condolence cards for pets are way beyond bad taste, unnecessary and wasteful.

#bad taste #kitschig

If a friend or family member is upset about the loss of a beloved animal, how about you give them a call? Catch up for a walk. Take the 8 Dollars you saved on card and postage and donate them to your local animal shelter or charity of your choice. Full Stop.

Join in!

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