Craig Harper: Stop F*cking Around! 30 Principles For A Better Life.

Self-Help For People Who Hate Self-Help.

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Principle 1: Stop Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Many of us are guilty of procrastinating, making that same mistake again, almost working out, over-thinking or cultivating destructive habits. Instead of making excuses, sabotaging yourself or pointing the finger at other people, consider these simple principles

  • use – not waste – what we’ve been given
  • think less and do more
  • be solution-focused, not problem obsessed
  • stop waiting for the mythical ‘right time’
  • stop trying to keep everyone in the world happy and
  • don’t allow your ego to call the shots

(p. 16)

Craig Harper opens where other self-help books conclude and provides you with food for thought to make some simple changes. Some of his principles to live by include Define Success For You, Don’t Wait For Opportunity To Knock, Invest Your Emotional Energy Wisely and Choose Your Own ‘Right And Wrong’. I liked two principles in particular.


Principle 14: Stop Waiting For The Right Time 

is dedicated to all people who prefer to think about doing stuff, rather than actually doing it. They may be lazy or not confident enough to pursue their dreams and years go by while they are waiting for that magical moment in time and then they are going to be happy.

Principle 17: Don’t Hang Out With Toxic People

is a reminder how draining it can be to be around people who are overtly negative and addicted to drama. Craig Harper argues surrounding ourselves with positive people, will make us more optimistic, creative and less stressed. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


This book is recommended for people who waste their potential; almost work out, almost save money, almost work on their dream career.

The Author

Craigh Harper started out in the world of fitness and has worked with people from all walks of life before he became one of Australia’s most successful motivational speakers.

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  1. I completely agree with, “Principle 17: Don’t Hang Out With Toxic People”. However, to do that, don’t I have to be objective, discriminating between toxic and non-toxic people? Doesn’t that make me a judgmental person who profiles other people? Just wondering…

    1. You really have a point there. Recently I’ve posted something about a “soccer mum” and how I felt judged by her but I judged her all the same.

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