The Day After — Nothing But Dishes

Dishes, oh, how did these damn things pile up so quickly?

Bernd das Brot Tasse und Party Pilz - ESC 2022 - be kitschig blog
Bernd das Brot – not impressed

Alright, so much for the complaining bit. Wasn’t it a marvelous Eurovision? The 66th ESC certainly did not fail to impress. Finally, Eurovision 2022 got the attention and love that it really deserves. Our Party Mushroom was lovely, there was a ginormous amount of balloons and I even made strawberry punch. (And produced many-a dishes in the process.)

Eurovision Song Contest - The day after nothing but dishes - Sleeping cat
My better half also deserves praise for holding up a few balloons so they would fit in a frame with the cat.

Eurovision Score cards
My pen doesn’t work! — Honey, you are using yellow.

Every year, I find the score cards more than fascinating. For once, the way people fill them out rather differently and secondly, for the surprising accurance. This year saw the new invention of the Pummeluff vote. Just in case you are not familiar with the wonderful world of Pokemon, the special power of Pummeluff is putting people to sleep with its song.

Nach dem Fest aufräumen ...

The Ukraine won the ESC 2022 and, of course, people are complaining, it was an entirely political vote. To me, Kalush Orchestra are a just winner. Hear me out:

First of all, they are a real band; not one of those put together ESC projects. One of the band members wrote the song and dedicated it to his mother before the war. The line (more or less properly translated) ‘I will always find my way home, even if all roads have been destroyed’ hit a cord. Singing in their own language (check), with flute (check) and folklore elements (check). They mixed new and old elements — perfectly crafted Eurovision song.

Pummeluff Voting cards

Secondly, the Ukraine has entered the ESC in 2003 and has performed nothing but well ever since. They always made it to the finale and won twice (Ruslana Lyzhichko “Wild Dances” and Jamala “1944”). And who could forget Verka Serduchka with Dancing Lasha Tumbai?

In case you wondered, my better half did survive (somehow) and shot lots of zombies on Sunday. He’ll be alright.

Not to forget, the jury vote and the public vote hardly ever match. The European voters set a strong sign for peace. It’s gonna be interesting how they will put Eurovision on in the Ukraine next year. The UK, strangely enough on the left side of the board, came second. Their space Jesus just scared me. Pretty close was also Chanel for Spain with her ‘hypnotic booty’. (Maybe it’s just me, but didn’t we reach a decade where women should not just be judged by their looks and certain body parts?)

We had a wonderful ESC (despite all the dishes). Now, it’s a long, long year to wait. Did you watch?

Schlager Sunday – Flying the Flag

LockDownVision 2020

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18 thoughts on “The Day After — Nothing But Dishes

  1. Of course we watched it! The final, anyway. There was just the right amount of craziness this year, but I do miss the acts that had jugglers and fire-eaters and acrobatic shenanigans a few years ago. Now it’s all about fancy lights and screens, so when the fancy screen didn’t work, I suspect we lost a lot of the original staging effects. There was some pure ESC magic: Norway’s ‘Give that wolf a banana’ and Moldova’s ‘Hey ho, let’s go!’ Mika was sweet but I lost count of Laura Pausini’s costume changes. Of course, the best act on the night was Måneskin with their poor lead singer looking in severe pain. Can’t wait for next year’s.

    1. Hi there, wasn’t it just great this year? We had so much fun, I was all for Moldova and Norway. There were some Clowns, but they didn’t make the finale 🙁 I can’t wait for next year!!!

  2. I hope you and your family are okay Jeanine. I heard on the news that there were three tornadoes touched down in Germany – the news story originated from Berlin. Coincidentally, we had a tornado touch down in Michigan yesterday, an E3 with 140 mph (225 kph) winds and two people killed, 44 injured, 1 still missing. This was not near me, but a four-hour drive from me. Photos are devastating – hope you were left unscathed.

    1. Hi Linda, thank you! The forecast made it sound horrible and it can get pretty wet in Berlin from one second to the next but we have not been hit at all. Not even lightning. While the forecast predicted rain for the next days, the sun is shining right now! It’s pretty windy though. We have a long weekend coming up, fingers crossed the weather stays nice. It seems this awkward ‘Spring Weather’ lasts all year now …

      1. That is good to hear Jeanine – the news story made it sound pretty horrific and I crossed my fingers you were okay! Our long weekend is coming up as well and we are back on the rollercoaster ride weather-wise … today the furnace was on and we’ll have 90F (32C) for Monday, Memorial Day. I forget was a “normal Spring” is.

  3. I did listen to the piece on Sixty Minutes about it – next year I will find out how to watch more of it live.

  4. Oh I love it! For the first time in years, I didn’t watch it this year as am busy in life at the moment. But then I found out yesterday that Mika was a co-host (I love him)- argh! Anyway, I’m still bitter that Australia didn’t win in 2016.

    1. I totaly understand! I am still cross about France not winning last year. You can always stream the highlights. In my humble opion, this was the best Eurosvision in years. Next year is gonna be … interesting, as always … xo

  5. I love watching Eurovision and I love your post! I even spend money on voting.. (I went for Serbia..but I have to admit there were loads of others I could have voted for. The UK entry was a mystery to me but hey, that’s just me) No party here his year, alas.. maybe next – your post inspired me

  6. I never ever watched it (not having a TV doesn’t help but then I wouldn’t have watched it anyway). So this was NEWS to me; and I too thought it was a rather political statement. But now that you tell us, FINE BY ME 🙂 I also heard for the first ever time from other people of how much they enjoyed it – I was only shaking my head. Not so sure anymore if it might have been good fun…. but then again, sans tv?! Be good, dear friend, I DO LOVE your beautiful old glasses however, and the balloons…. must have been a great party!

    1. Hi Kiki, you know, you can stream it on the Eurovision website or later on the tube … you actually were able to, if you wanted. It’s funny, every year I ring the same friends (knowing they won’t attent) and their excuses are hilariuos! Maybe that should be my ESC post for next year. The people who came however … I doubt they talked about it at work on Monday. It’s seems a bit like a guilty pleasure
      It was so much fun. Not just because, the last years made it hard, this years’ entries were rather nice (in a Eurovision way)

  7. Jeanine, as you know, I absolutely love Eurovision, and this year I enjoyed every single minute. Sounds like you made a cool party atmosphere at home with you and yours, awesome party pics there 😎🤩😀

    I liked how this year almost every act was quality – less of the divas with flowing gowns and wind tunnel hair, and more down to earth acts and fun. Also, I thought there was less tactical voting this year by neighbouring countries to make it more of an even contest.

    The only thing that annoyed me at times was the horrible flashing over the top stage lights. Awful, bad on the eyes, and a distraction over some of the acts.

    I knew Ukraine would win from the moment the public votes began… it was normal that Europe would come out in sympathy like that, and as you point out, they were deserving winners, plus they have pedigree having won it twice already. The biggest shock for me was the UK doing so well. Must be a glitch, eh? 😂🤣

    Oh, I’m already looking forward to next year now… and what a treat if Ukraine can host it in hopefully calmer and peaceful times!

    Douze points for your post, J 😎

    1. Hi Ford, oh la la, douze points? Merci.
      It was so much fun this year! You know I was devastated when it was cancelled and last year may not have been the greatest Eurovision we’ve ever seen.
      The pictures are really from cleaning up the next day. You gotta have fun somehow. In all of my excitement, I didn’t take a single picture on Saturday.
      I totally understand your point with the lights. Mine was the hosting lady. Maybe a wee bit to stereotypical here, but this is Italy! Can’t you put this lady in a nice black dress with decent shoes?
      (What the …)
      Also, super surprised about the UK. I was aware they did well at the bookies, but this song does absolutely nothing for me. (Oh shivers, lots of high notes next year.)
      Looking back now, the earworms are funny. For some reason, the Netherlands and Portugal are really in my head. The Rasmus are cute, thinking they make rock music which really just borders on Schlager, I have to admit, I really liked their performance, It really looked like they actually had fun. I really do hope, next year we don’t just see shaking bottoms.

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