Schlager Sunday – Flying the Flag

Flying the Flag is our Schlager Sunday for today on be kitschig blog and I am not the least sorry to torture entertain you with Eurovision songs until May. The UK, like Germany, is part of the Big 5, the countries that are the main money givers for the ESC. While they automatically qualify for the grand finale, their entries are often rather meh.

Scooch – Flying the Flag

Technically, Flying the Flag ticks a lot of boxes and where on earth would you see choreography with chairs since the 90s? Now, prepare to clap on one and get this Ohrwurm out of your head.

UK Eurovision Song Contest Flying the Flag

Just in case you are not following the recent developments of the Eurovision Song Contest, it got cancelled last year, due to the current situation. I was devastated. This year it will definitely air.

To make sure this huge event can happen, they introduced a Corona friendly system. No matter what the situation, the show will go on. Worst case scenario, competitors will stream from their home countries. For all of us that missed out last year, we can at least look forward to a Grand Prix, no matter what. Stay tuned for all your Eurovision news (you didn’t know you were missing).

Drop me a comment: How long did it take you to get this song out of your head?

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Pictture by rachelmatthews7 on Pixabay

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16 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Flying the Flag

  1. What do you mean ‘torture’? This was quite entertaining. Especially the liquid skintight uniforms. Loved them.

    1. Oh, why are you hiding in my spam? WP fun … There will be Eurovision songs until Eurovision!!! Unfortunately, I’ve watched all entries now and this year might not be the strongest … Sigh

  2. This last week I came across a cd of “car music” from when my niece was very young. I Love to Laugh from the very old Mary Poppins was in my head all week. Thanks for thr lively diversion. 🤣

  3. I think I may have mentioned before that I really hate the ESC. It’s a complete farce. A lot of people make a lot of money from it, which can be the only reason it still perpetuates itself every year. One can but hope and pray that it gets cancelled again this year (which, from what you say, now looks unlikely to happen – sadly!). I used to live overseas so I never heard the Scooch song – and I never want to. If it was the UK entry into the 2007 ESC, then I can well imagine how cringeworthy it must have been. I won’t have any problem getting this song out of my head because It’s not getting in! Have a nice Sunday😎

    1. I understand your reasoning completely! (And by this logic we could include the Olympics as well…)
      To me, the ESC is cultural studies at it’s best. Many entries make a lot of sense if you watch them years later. Some smaller countries are known to send mediocre entries simply because they cannot afford to host the competition …
      Germany for example sent entries from the late 70s on that sang about building bridges or peace or freedom. If you do hate Eurovision with a passion, maybe skip my Sundays until May 😉

  4. Oh dear ;-O I do not know how I missed this song but thankfully I did 😉 It sounds like one of those summer novelty songs from the 80s haha

    1. Ha ha, it’s quite something. You gotta love the dance moves! As a punishment, I can’t get it out of my head now 🙂

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