Schlager Sunday – Love, Love, Peace, Peace

Today on Schlager Sunday Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw tell you in Love, Love, Peace, Peace what you need to do to win the Eurovision Song Context. Give it a go, there will be singing eventually. And Lordi.

This week marks eight months to go and certainly gives me something to look forward to in these strange times. The ESC will be held on Mai 22nd with the semi finales on the 18th and 20th. It would have been a super strong competition this year, so it is certainly going to be interesting.

This post is dedicated to Linda, who might still not know what this show is all about after watching this video … Erm.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Schlager Sunday Peace peace love love

Picture by Di_rillaArt on Pixabay

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27 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Love, Love, Peace, Peace

  1. I did not hear about that yet. 2 things come to mind here. There is a petition to change Weinbergsweg in Berlin Mitte to David Hasselhoff Straße 😉 Also, AC/DC Lane in Melbourne suffers from some pretty bad sign stealing!
    I have an odd relationship with Queen, as I don’t really like the music. However, it is so smart and done so well and Fred certainly had a stage presence! They so deserve their part in the RocknRoll hall of fame but to me it’s like reading one of those classics. You appreciate them for their importance & influence, it just doesn’t grab me … Oh my, now it’s public …

  2. Well I am mortified that you dedicated Schlager Sunday to me and I am so behind in Reader that I’m reading it almost 48 hours later! That is bad form! Thank you for the dedication and I watched every second, with my mouth in an “O” for most of the time – OMG, the flaming piano and yes I might have to agree Jeanine that “This post is dedicated to Linda, who might still not know what this show is all about after watching this video …” 🙂

      1. That’s good – whew I feel better now. I was trying to do things in/outside the house and grocery shopping for pantry items for Winter. I do that every year, but now, due to the pandemic, they are restricting some items, are short of some items … so went to a different store … grocery shopping all Sunday – sigh. Yes, I will anticipate something fun come May 2021. Now, I have a topic for you for a future Schlager Sunday – you likely heard this, but I just heard on the national news that a street will be called Freddie Mercury Drive near Olympic Stadium. Now you can feature Queen … this is probably old news to you. A fellow blogger who does a blog about photography has a follower that has a site dedicated to Freddie Mercury. The video you sent me was fun … we need more fun stuff these days.

    1. Well … erm … I nearly reviewed it on the blog but I didn’t like it. It’s a good example of what happens when Americans try to do European. Will Farell apperently is even a huge fan but to me he was all that was wrong with this movie! The music was great, the cast was great, the story was cute, it had some really good points (especially with that Russian guy who was so not gay) it was just … meh … sorry Will

      1. Oh I’m sorry Crystal, the movie really wasn’t THAT bad … I’ve watched it twice and the second time was much better. They had a lot of stuff that was spot on! If it made you curious, please stick around, it’s only 8 months to go and you will love it! It’s the biggest show after the Olympics! And every minute boggles your mind (in different directons…) Give Eurovision a go!

      2. Pffh, no apologies needed. I rewatched your clip (from beginning to end, mesmerized) and forwarded it to friends who got a kick out of the movie. 😂 I’m dying. I also saw the movie twice, and it wasn’t as funny the second time. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Really? It is nice to see that I’m not alone on this one 😉 This is certainly my Christmas and it would’ve been so colorful this year … Fingers crossed we live to see the next one 😉

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