Each Drop Counts

Too frequently we think we have to do spectacular things. Yet if we remember that the sea is actually made up of drops of water and each drop counts, each one of us can do our little bit where we are. Those little bits can come together and almost overwhelm the world. Each one of us can be an oasis of peace.

Desmond Tutu

Quote The sea is actually made up of drops of water and each drop counts bekitschig blog

With the New Year around the corner I will keep the quotes on the motivational side for a while. Usually, the start of a new year also marks a new beginning or comes at least with many good intentions. However, 2021 might look strangely like this year …

Stay kitschy, healthy and sane.

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13 thoughts on “Each Drop Counts

    1. Sadly not happening many places … The littel town where my mum lives just has numbers exploding at the moment. This is what happens, if nobody takes it seriously … Stay save!

      1. Yes, that is sad – the rising stats are scary too. Too many didn’t take it seriously here. Enjoy your break from work and your sweatpants. Bake some bread but stay safe too!

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