Ramadan Calender

I am really not sure what to make of this … At best, it could be a sign of blending cultures in a globalized world.


How do you feel about the Ramadan Calender?

3 thoughts on “Ramadan Calender

    1. It’s perfectly fine. We follow a calendar of events for the day, month, season etc. And for children in particular, especially in the northern hemisphere, a non-Muslim country, we try our best to keep children engaged. It’s a busy time, but also a very happy month. Quite frankly, it is the best month of the year, whether it lands in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Ramadan is a favorite month for most. Ramadan is not a hardship but a time for self-reflection, an opportunity to refocus on what is important for increased religious piety, and greater charity. I learned this after I converted. So, of course, we do not want to forget the little ones during this heightened time of religious devotion. As well as religious education, it is important to engage children to learn the importance of Ramadan. This is the month the Holy Qur’an was revealed. Yup. Tis true. Ramanda, as is often mischaracterized as a holy month, it is categorically not a holy month in Islam but Western media like to repeat is. I could go on, but I won’t. I’ll leave you with this, my biggest hardship during Ramadan is I always crave sushi and marzipan. But because of the more frenetic pace of the days, I always have to wait until after Ramadan to satisfy my craving. Such is life. Cheers xoxo

      1. At first, I was repulsed about yet another marketing scheme creating a demand for something borrowed from Western culture. Muslim kids that grow up in Berlin get a Christmas calendar anyways. But I think you are right, involving the children and giving them something of their own is a nice gesture. Maybe I’m a slow adaptor? I’m still puzzled by all the American holidays we have to celebrate as well these days. Culture and identity are ever evolving, and mixing traditions is a great thing but not everything needs to be westernized.

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