Schlager Sunday – Together (Still Eurovision)


Dear world.

Please excuse me if this Eurovision review is a bit short. In my ESC excitement, I’ve managed to try to impale myself with the handle bar of my bicycle after the first Semi Finale … In somewhat of an odd state, we still had a beautiful Eurovision party all together with great friends. Sometimes, distraction is really the best medicine and I’m sure next year, the Grand Prix will finally get the cheese hedgehog it truly deserves.

Anyways, the 2018 Grand Prix de la Chanson can best be summed up with one sentence

What the heck were they wearing?


While the Portuguese hostesses were beautiful and really had some cojones, I was torn between wishing them a sandwich or a decent gown (the later goes for everyone included that had any screen time. Damn, I’m certainly not the fashion police, but what the heck???).

The Salvador Sobral effect and the absence of a video screen let to simpler performances (and a whole bunch of props). In the end, the favorite lady Netta actually won and Israel will be hosting the ESC in 2019.

Winner of my heart was certainly Ireland with a perfectly crafted Eurovision song; including just a normal dude with a guitar, just enough expressive dancing and a whole bunch of snow. Since the song Together tells the story of a gay couple, China did not air the performance of Ryan O’Shaughnessy during his Semi Finale. Calmly, the Eurovision committee withdrew all airing rights from China in return.

One of my friends said, the Royal Wedding of Megan and Harry was certainly his Eurovision. Our world is made up of leaders, that step over borders, sports & music bringing people together, a lady with African-American roots marrying into the British Royal Family and a whole bunch of people that just let you be (not just orange men gone bonkers).

So let’s give it up for Ireland!


(If there ever was trouble with China, we just send a super queer army dressed in rainbow colors. Repeat after me; all will be good.)


Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Together – Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – 16 with 136 points

Tolerant greetings from my little cloud.

Alles wird gut.

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