Loos Yourself At Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo is a not-for-profit organization; dedicated to fighting extinction and educating visitors about wildlife. Facts about native animals and people’s impact on the environment are presented in a child-oriented manner. With the first rays of sunshine, Melbourne Zoo was filled with melting-down children but parents found a refuge at the Trail Of Poo.


This hands-on exhibition gives an insight into different animal lifestyles and shows children that little actions can make a big difference. Simply reducing our usage of water and toilet paper each day for example, benefits native animals and helps to preserve resources. Fabulous.

Maybe some of the little ones made big steps forward with their toilet training that day. Kids seem to have an odd fascination with toilets and what better way to finish the excrement excursion than a slide down the toilet and a roll in the roll? (I couldn’t help it.)

#poo #slide


This itself was worth the trip. There are animals at Melbourne Zoo as well. The habitats seem spacious and everything is very pleasant. If you get the chance to visit this park, hang out with the lemurs and spend some time in the butterfly house.

There was a lot of talk about poo for the rest of the day.

What I have learned on this trip:

When travelling with wild children, you can never really assume you’re safe.

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