Don’t Judge a Book…

… by its cover.

Not only did the month start with a Monday, it ends with a very special day indeed, February 29th. I take that as a sign of good luck! Just this once I wanted to go all out…

I’ve started a new tradition today and wrote a letter to myself and am looking forward to opening it in four years.

Have a memorable February 29th.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Book…

  1. Intriguing idea. I have a book called ‘Doing It Now’ about procrastinating. Or not procrastinating, if you like. One of the exercises at the beginning is to write down lists of things you want to do in 4 time-frames. I kept the list I wrote about 25 years ago in the book and it’s fun to see that I have actually achieved some of the things on my ‘to do’ list, including ones I didn’t think I would, like learning to play the flute. It would be very frustrating to find I hadn’t done any of the planned things, though. I’m not sure what I’d write in a letter to myself. “Dear Self, Stop wasting your time writing letters to yourself,” probably. Hope you found something more meaningful to say.

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