I Fell in Love with Some Very Ugly Plates

And…oh…very ugly plates they are. Wouldn’t you, too?

I’ve been following very ugly plates on Instagram for a while; you know my style. When I was looking for a wedding-moving-away-present, we finally met in real time.

Not only do I love her stuff, it is also amazing when artists can actually make a living off of their work.

Kamilla is a Polish artist living in Berlin. Originally, she started painting on old plates, yet she may have bought most of the kitschy plates in Berlin by now. This is the very first plate, by the way. Low times can give you inspiration to start completely new.

Next to upcycling old plates for her art, she also found a way to print her own images. For the very ugly plates, there is also a tiny ugly gallery in Berlin to showcase her work. Before you ask, yes, she does ship internationally!

This kinda wants me to sign up for thatTube, simply to do an unboxing video.

My apologies, this post contains zero affiliate links.

You’ll have to pay for them wall plates yourself. Hey, that lady needs to make a living! She does have regular sales though and is super nice on bundles. So head over to that kitschy shop you didn’t know you needed: very ugly plates. Design from Berlin.

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25 thoughts on “I Fell in Love with Some Very Ugly Plates

  1. There we go again: if it‘s kitschy enough, it‘s beautiful again. These plates don‘t even need to apply, the rule makes them beautiful…. 🙂

    1. It’s pure magic! Once I mentioned these plates, they started multiplying. Not the original ugly ones but some fine wall plates. Will post photos once they are up on the wall!

  2. P.S. – Jeanine – I finally got my pics sorted and into a post about the murals at the childrens park that has a couple of gnomes … a post for you. I set it to post at midnight Monday instead of 5:00 a.m. due to the time difference, or whenever you get a chance to see it. You know me … I am always behind in Reader, often when you mention me.

  3. Well I needed a laugh and this post gave it to me … love these plates and they remind me a little of those womens’ notecard memes which are the old-fashioned women with funny sayings. These were great. The fish-wrapping paper word is great and I guess my fun words are doppelgänger (but wait, that’s a German word … I just checked) and I am partial to kerfuffle … I like how it rolls off the tongue. 🙂

    1. Oh kerfluffle! What a great one. Chrystal and I meant to do a follow up post on great English words but I’ve been so busy … There will be more!

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