Juice Box on Fence

I am proudly presenting the new art work by the multitalented artist Anonymous; Juice Box on Fence. She/they/he may be described as one of the most influential artists of our time.

The street art pieces Juice Box on Ground can be found all over the City of Berlin.

Besprechung von Kunst

By placing his object on a fence, the artist does not simply criticize wastefulness (and its endless repetition) in our society.

random art interpretation - Durstlöscher auf Zaun - be kitschig blog Berlin

Instead, Anonymous elevates the object to an evocative piece of art that simultaneously pays homage to Marcel Duchamp. Juxtaposing different colors and materials, even perforating the object itself, Anonymous creates a strong image of the never ending mortality of humanity. A brave and truly outstanding piece of art.

Juice Box on Fence

Have a happy Hump Day; we’ve got this.

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10 thoughts on “Juice Box on Fence

  1. What a marketing move – I hope there are some big bucks to be had for using this name, kind of like when movies have actors drink/eat/smoke/use certain brands. Pretty clever at any rate!

      1. Maybe their marketing budget has been cut and the company is now using this method to promote their product instead of using a costly advertising agency😎

  2. DAS nenn ich ‚einer ¨üblen Sache eine positive Seite abgewinnen‘…. Or, to say it in a picture: EARTH without ART is just EH….

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