No Mistakes

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Bob Ross

bekitschig blog there are no mistakes just happy accidents Bob Ross

Can you believe this? In all these years on this blog, never have I posted a single thing about Bob Ross! — Now, I’m afraid, this might be the year of Bob Ross quotes.

A quote on Thursday instead of Monday? Well, at least I’m trying to get back on to somewhat of a normal schedule here; so not ready to leave the blogging world!

(Oops, punctuation marks are on special today…)

Enjoy the rest of the week. Exclamation mark!

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14 thoughts on “No Mistakes

  1. I like Bob Ross – in fact my post last year for “Run for the Trees – Happy Little 5K” I showed a close-up of the finisher’s medal with the lanyard part which was full of Bob Ross quotes and this was one of them. I hope to take some painting classes when I (finally) retire.

    1. Just stumbled up on him today and I honestly have no clue, why we didn’t have him here before. Thanks to Suburban Tracker I know now, I can watch him on Mediathek streaming. Friday night all set!

  2. On German TV, ARD Alpha channel, normally each day between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. Bob Ross in his usual kitschig action, good for falling soon into sleep. Furthermore, live goes on even without blogging. So may be it is just an accident that I am here again today. Take care

    1. Nice to see you after all this time! Just checked, lieben Dank! Läuft in der Mediathek. Da weiß ich doch, wozu ich heute einschlafe. Hoffe, es ist dir gut gegangen, liebe Grüße

      1. Die Corona-Zeit war schon arg zum Teil, dafür klappt es aber jetzt wirklich am 8. Mai mit unserer Heirat nach Jahrzehnten wilder Ehe. Die Spannung steigt nun doch langsam aber sicher. 🥳

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