Colette Brown: Maybe The Universe Just Isn’t That Into You.

Spiritual Responsibility in a Fluffy Bunny World.


#self-help Colette Brown Maybe the Universe just isn't that into you
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Author and tarot consultant Colette Brown is a spiritual person. Her book Maybe the Universe Just Isn’t That Into You settles up with people who blame angel cards, crystal balls, God, daily internet inspirations, horoscopes, oracle cards, overprized gurus, pendulums, spirits, the Universe … to name just a few… for their daily actions; good or bad.

Colette Brown believes our society needs to take on responsibility again. Like many people in the field of personal development, it seems as if she is very familiar with any possible excuse.

Let’s have a look at some explanations to give you an idea:

My mother never showed me affection so now I can’t show others how I feel.

Colette’s Solution: Please understand that your mum had to juggle many different tasks and may not always have been 100% attentive or perfect. Since you are an adult now, you can choose how to react and you do not need to repeat old patterns if you don’t want to.

I am cursed. Nothing has ever gone right for me. I have had nothing but bad luck.

Colette’s Solution: If you are unable to see the positive things in your life, it is likely you are clinically depressed. Seek medical help.

If you follow my teachings on natural birth, you won’t feel any pain and will bond forever in love with your baby.

Colette’s Solution: “If you are saying that you felt no pain whatsoever in a birth situation, then you are either delusional or a man!”  (p. 47)

I am practising witch/shaman/druid/ and take pride in my Path. How dare my line manager reprimand me for dressing inappropriately!

Colette’s Solution: It may be a lot easier to not make yourself the center of attention or subject to prejudice. In work life you may not want to be kitted out in perfect gothic attire. Mind you, your fitness crazy college cannot work at the bank in their latest gym fashion either.

Be wary of aliens who live amongst us. And don’t trust the government!!

Colette’s Solution: “Please remember to adjust your aluminium foil hat as you leave your underground bunker, just in case we have to listen to your thoughts.” (p. 57)


Not every feather dropped comes from an angel.

The beauty about this book is that it is not wordy and the excuses get dealt with in a page or two. Moreover, Colette Brown adds a new perspective to self-help books. She believes in God, the afterlife and tarot, yet she points out that she lives in the modern world like you and me. She is aware that spiritual advisers need to eat and pay rent, but spirituality should never be used for personal gain. Spiritual junkies need to regain power over their own lives and take responsibility for their own actions. All of them.

Maybe this really is the key to personal development – action and responsibility.

Colette Brown,

Soul Rocks Books, 2013.

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! May everything be peachy in your universe today.

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