The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Insight Into Boutique Religion.

Supernatural and Empirical Science Need to Work Together

Author and prophet Bobby Henderson argues that there are many things on this earth that cannot be explained with natural selection. The existence of The Flying Spaghetti Monster can be proven empirically. Henderson and other academics provide scientific evidence throughout the book. Even a diagram.

The Platypus, the only mammal with a bill, is a sign that His Noodly Appendage has a good sense of humor. Also, Brussel sprouts and Céline Dion demonstrate that the Creator is not without fault.


The Flying Spaghetti Monster is invisible but appears before His faithful followers as a clump of tangled spaghetti with meatball eyes. Its aim is to spread goodness and affordable nutrition.

His Noodly Appendage created all life as we know it from a simple form of pasta. He created the earth and the universe and made them look older to test the faith of the Pastafarians. Then he created mankind in His ideal image; that of a pirate. In heaven a beer fountain and a stripper factory are waiting for the devout followers.

Our Ancestors Are Pirates

If one cannot prove the existence of God, one cannot prove Intelligent Design, therefore it must be a consPiracy. Mankind as we know it stems from pirates, who are completely misquoted and misunderstood. They were peace-loving explorers, who loved giving candy to children. Christian theologists discriminated against pirates and they never recovered from the bad reputation.

Today, university students, who read books, drink lots of beer and eat loads of noodles, are a reminder that living like pirates is really nature’s way. In our society, pirates are nearly at the brink of distinction, due to jealousy and prosecution by other religions. Pirates were even forced to hide their textbooks and treasures. In addition, the declining number of pirates can be directly linked to the increase of Global Warming. Each year after pirate related activities, such as Halloween and Talk Like a Pirate Day, the temperature is considerably lower for months.

Is This Right For You?

Pastafarianism is not a cult, it is a legitimate, peaceful religion. It is today’s fastest growing carbohydrate-based religion and welcomes you whether you have money in the bank or not. There are no fundraisers or collections. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) make most of their income from selling merchandising like t-shirts.

Followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster do not mock other religions (except Scientology) and are “peaceful, open-minded, well educated, and reject dogma outright.” (p. 84) Pastafarian Holidays are all Fridays, all Holidays of the big religions as well as Ramendan, Halloween and International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Try us for thirty days and if you don’t like us, your God will most likely take you back. (p. 120)

Learn more about the hardships of Pastafarian followers fighting against religious discrimination all over the world.

Villard Books, 2006








Why we love it: He had me with Brussel sprouts.

Recommended for: Pastafarians, academics, people interested in creationism, people looking for change

The Author

In 2005 The Flying Spaghetti Monster appeared to Bobby Henderson. Coincidently, it was also the year the education board of Kansas discussed teaching Intelligent Design along with Evolution in science class at schools. Physics graduate Henderson wrote a letter suggesting to teach the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and became an internet success. Today he is a full time prophet.


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