ESC 2023 – A Debacle In Pink

…and we didn’t even see it coming.

Leading up to the ESC 2023, I came across this wonderful guide on how to decorate with vegetables. Mind you, my radishes didn’t turn out anything like in the magazine. Even the cucumber fell apart.

The Party Mushroom was fab, there we’re lots of German goodies like jelly bananas and peanut puffs. Our wonderful company also added some pretty yummy desert. So far, so good, unfortunately, there is really not much to say about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision 2023

The two shows leading up to the big day were alright, but no song really stood out this year. No big costume change, no Eastern European magic, no silly songs Eurovision style and the best prop was a self-playing piano. Didn’t even burn.

The acts that get through the first round compete on the big night against the fab 5, the countries paying for the fun. Due to, well, recent political happenings, the winner Ukraine was not able to host the ESC 2023 in their home country. England stepped in instead and put on a proper show.

50 Shades of Pink

Remember Måneskin, the Italian Eurovision Winners of 2021? (This is an honest question.) There were a lot of Metal-inspired acts, well, by ESC standards. Also, Loreen was attending. Who can forget her expressive dancing that brought the Grand Prix trophy home to Sweden in 2012? So a lot of acts were rolling on the floor. Yawn. None of our favorites had any decent results. Germany really wasn’t THAT bad, but zero points are somewhat of a tradition by now. Austria was dreadful, so were Finland (who came second) and Isreal (who made it to spot three) and pretty much two thirds of the competition, as well. Oh huhu. Obviously, I know nothing about the ESC. Loreen won, yawn, and the only entertaining thing about that was the fact, that she looked high as a kite while waiting for the results. Winning twice makes her queen in the ESC world and as important as Mr. Johnny Logan.

So that was another year. For 2024, I am predicting a lot of outfits with pants and, please! don’t get inspired by Czechia, who, my apologies, looked like tampons.

How about you? Did you watch? And who were your favorites?

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10 thoughts on “ESC 2023 – A Debacle In Pink

    1. Lockdown has taken that one ESC from us that could’ve actually been fantastic. We had a great time but that was probably more due to the company and the punch. (I’m sure your singing is fine. You only need to impress the sailors.)

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