Schlager Sunday – Lock Me In – Eurovision 2022

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Welcome to yet another Eurovision week. Just to give you a wee little glimpse of what to expect this year, let’s give it up for Circus Mircus and Lock Me In. If you like your ESC a little on the crazy side, watch out for Ukraine, Latvia and Moldova. Not to forget Norway and Georgia.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest, it is basically the biggest party in the world. France so should’ve won last year with a perfect chanson (if you ask me). That also would’ve spared us this years’ entry …

The ESC 2022 will take place in Turin. Italy won last year with … erm … a rock song. Of course, we can expect a lot of hard music this year. (I can’t even write that with a straight face. By ESC standards anyways.) Gravity has lost all its purpose and we will see wind machines and choreographies that are completely nuts. Don’t we have this every year?, I hear you say. Well, jup, but mind you, many-a dance move is clearly inspired by The Roop (who will forever have a space in my Eurovision heart).

This year, it is very likely that you just cannot shake the feeling, you’ve heard that song before …

Georgia Eurovision 2022 Circus Schmirkus Lock me in

Australia (yes, they compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, so does Israel, get over it) is only remarkable for the outfit. Finland is sending The Rasmus, maybe 10 years too late and, of course, we will have our epic ballads and dance songs. Expect a whole bunch of fun from Eastern Europe! Between all this madness, some countries like Denmark or Iceland hit quieter notes and send ladies who can actually play instruments. Brave move.

Lock Me In

And you though clowns were scary? We will always have the Eurovision Song Contest.

(Before you ask, Russia is not allowed to compete and the Ukraine is trending at the bookies.)

Let the circus begin!

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Photos by NIPYATA! on Unsplash

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! Have an amazing Eurovision week!

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15 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Lock Me In – Eurovision 2022

  1. Yipeeeee! Just getting prepared to watch it now. Eurovision is always a fun, kitschy, treat here (wherever I am). It was mad seeing The Rasmus enter after all these years, and I’m looking forward to seeing Norway and the UK. Agree, France should have won it last year, they were so close, but I think this year not so close at all if you believe the pundits. Cheers, enjoy the show tonight! 😍🤩😎😀

    1. Oh, what a night! We had so much fun this year! I’m really not sure about the UK but they deserve being on the ohter side of the board for a change. As for Germany, well, same procedure every year …

      1. Yes, what a night! Funny seeing the UK leading the board all that time. It was a foregone conclusion that Ukraine would win this year. Norway was a lot of wolf and banana fun, ay? I enjoyed the Serbian hand-washing medical theme too. She reminded me of Hazel O’Conner in her look.
        Germany… ah, maybe they better call the Scorpions? (it didn’t go so well for the Rasmus though).
        Can’t wait for next year… when UK will be back to nul points lol 😂🤣

      2. Ha ha, we were team Moldova! As for Germany, it seems they only ever do well if they send something funny or a girl unter 20. Maybe we do need the Scorpions 😉

  2. Wow. Eurovision is still there? I think the last time France won must have been in 1949… 😉
    My money is on Ukraine. 🇺🇦

    1. Same here! France was runner up last year & I loved it. Classic Chanson & great performance! Feel free to browse my blog. All opinions on the last years. Light reading 🦩🎈🍹🥳🌈

      1. I have checked, researching Eurovision, which I remember in Black & White, the last time France won was in 1977! (I suspect some French bashing there. 😉😉😉)

  3. Circus Mircus! Is it that time again?! 😀 Looking forward to it! (I hope they don’t use that clown as the logo.)

    1. The merry month of May! I am so excited. For some reason, this year not all the songs sound the same. AND two of our friends are actually coming over this year. You have no idea what people come up with, so they don’t have to watch the ESC! Tsk Tsk
      Only watched a little recap of the entries, not to spoil it. Are you watching?

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