A Chimney Sweep for Luck

Last summer I found a lucky charm with a chimney sweep. Or maybe it found me. In the grass in a huge park. What are the odds? All my life I’ve been one of those people who run across the street to touch a chimney sweep. It may be due to their luck that I didn’t kill myself in the process.

Chimney Sweep for good luck

So, I’m sharing some luck with you. Perhaps it works when you touch your screen? New Year, new luck; I am certainly ready. The last two years seem somewhat of a blur and I am determined to kick start this one.

Thank you so much for flying with be kitschig. For your encouragement, your likes and your comments. The blogosphere is like a second family.

May your year be prosperous, happy and healthy.

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39 thoughts on “A Chimney Sweep for Luck

  1. Happy New Year and new luck! So cool you found a little bit of magic there!
    I knew about the chimney sweep emblems/motifs used at weddings in UK as good luck charms. Thanks for the invite to touch the screen… I did 🙂

  2. I touched the screen across the miles just in case. 🙂 I have heard about the lucky chimney sweep … I know I’ve never seen one though. Carry it around like a lucky rabbits foot (less icky). 🙂

    1. Oh my … I actually have a golden coin in my purse a chimney sweep gave me 😅 I am totally capable of opening an umbrella inside and cool with black cats but chimney sweeps are something else!

  3. Ha! What a great find! Maybe in corona times we aren’t allowed to touch the sweep per se? This might be a relief for my local one (haven’t seen him for a year or so actually) who, last time I was home to see him when he stopped by, gave me a shiney coinlike chimney sweep charm with a clover stamped on one side and the sweep on the other side. I tucked it in Mr. Kaffee Kante’s wallet, deep in the seam, so wherever he goes: may he have luck (shopping or showing his identification or whatever).

    1. In many European countries pleople believe chimney sweeps bring good luck. Some people even invite them to their weddings for extra luck! I was reading though people should touch a button when they see one, in Germany you touch the button of the chimney sweep itself. They are pretty used to people like me and always greet you with a proud smile 🙂

  4. I touched it. I held it down. I’m ready, no … more than ready, for a little good fortune. Thanks for your always thoughtful posts!

    1. I was so happy finding it! As a fun fact, instead of an engagemnt ring, I got a charm bracelett. You can never have enough lucky charms 🙂

  5. Wonderful, Thank you for allowing us to see it . Have touched the screen and wish you the best of everything not just for this year 🍀

    1. Oh thank you! I really hope it works for you. Actaully, I have a different story to share but … ppssssstttt… my very personal chimney sweep and I wanted to take cool pictures first. He wanted a paddling boat swan … Maybe it will happen this decade …

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