Schlager Sunday – I’ve got my love to keep me warm

Welcome to another Schlager Sunday. I don’t know about you guys, but January is really not one of my favorite months. So I’ve got my love to keep me warm (while I feel like someone hit me over the head with a baseball bat).

The second clip is a nice reminder that the good old times sometimes seem a bit outdated. While I haven’t watched On the Avenue, the story line reads like a hodgepodge (with a totally not foreseeable ending).

While we’re talking about love and things that give your tummy a nice warm feeling; I’ve been awarded, well, an award. Not the strange chain lettery kinda type.

Remember when you started out as a blogger, how exciting those first rewards were? Unfortunately, you only had a few blogging friends back then and half of them were award free blogs? Now Herb’s award simply shows appreciation and doesn’t want anything in return.

I've got my love to keep me warm
winter song -

I would indeed like to have a coffee with Herb sometime. While our live stories probably couldn’t be any more different, it is lovely how you meet so many interesting people in the Word Press universe.

In the ‘real’ world we judge people by looks, religion or age or whatever it is, here we meet on different terms. Here we value people by content (and all the things between the lines), their photographs, honesty or creativity. If you’re not a nice chap, you won’t make it far.

Herb Thiel Blog Award

We’ve all had a colleague or neighbor with whom we had not much in common, but got along like a house on fire.

In return we often find like-minded people and a different kind of friendship. We share, get feedback and grow without the interference of that other life and that in itself can be a huge reward. So thank you Herb for that lovely shoutout. I would love to have coffee with you, ideally camping in… ugh… real nature. Head over to his blog for true life stories.

Enjoy your Sunday. Make it a positive one.

(Well, negative in Corona terms, of course.) Let’s kick start this year. In the meantime, I am dreaming of that feeling… what was it called? … awake; not hibernating.

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18 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – I’ve got my love to keep me warm

  1. I always liked Dean Martin and thought he was incredibly handsome. Those Italian good looks and sweet as honey voice … sigh. I visited Herb’s blog and his post about your award. Funny how you two “met” – looks like he’s trying out Windows 11 and I am still on Windows 7. I almost subscribed but said to myself “you’re four days behind in Reader now Linda.”

    1. Linda, I have the feeling we will never catch up on our readers … What happened with Herb was weird. I used to read a Russian blog that had the Google translate function. When you went on other sites it still kept working sometimes. Very confusing.
      Windows 7? Is that still supported? 🤭 At least you’re lucky with the lifespan of your computer!

      1. I never made it to Reader again Jeanine … I get caught up a few days, then fall behind again after comments, especially on the two days I post … it will be like that until you and I retire and have more time I think. I followed a Swedish blogger for several years. He was a photographer and each post he did in Swedish, then in English. He wrote in English for comments, but the English translation he did from Google and it didn’t always translate so well. I guess it would take a long time to write it in English. I admire anyone who speaks more than one language. I took French in school for many years, even a class where we only spoke French, and couldn’t carry on a conversation now if I had to. We learn conversational French mostly, so yes, I could order a meal (if it was in the book dialogue). 🙂
        I actually have a Windows 10 laptop here for almost three years and I update it for virus protection, and Windows updates. Our computer guy at work ordered them for my boss and me (it is just him/me … small office). I work from home and he dropped the laptop off and configured a couple of tings for work, but never finished putting me into the system … I’ve asked many times and he says “I’ll get to it” and the laptop sits on my glass-topped stove as I have nowhere to put it where I can plug it in (small house). I have this Windows 7 laptop I’m using now, plus my first Windows 7 laptop I got back in late 2009 which is perfect except the battery went a while ago, but I never use the laptops without having them plugged in. Also, it is missing a return and backspace key. The backspace key fell off and I Googled how to put it back on and it said “take off another key and check how it works” … so I did. Big mistake! I only use it to store my photos.

      2. Take off another key and check if it works — you had me in stitches! I googled once how to get my keyboard back to normal after the cat walked WAY too much on it … It’s no fun not to be tech-savvy. I’d say annoy the IT guy until he finishes his job!
        As for the reader, since WP somehow unfollows some blogs, you’ll never catch up on all your favorites properly anyway. And yes, I never will until I retire (although, then there’s probably a whole bunch of other stuff going on …)

      3. I aimed to catch up tonight, but sadly that won’t happen and hopefully I can do my comment here as WP rebelled last time. Taking off the return key when it was the backspace key was stupid and on this laptop, I use a wireless keyboard and elevate the laptop and could have done that or bought a laptop keyboard insert. Instead I wear a pair of vinyl gloves with the laptop with the “stubs” and pound like I was on a non-electric typewriter and it works fine!! Computer guy is nice but nothing special in getting things done timely. He has to do something before this Summer as I use Internet Explorer to remote in and it’s going to be discontinued. WP did the “unfollow” thing to me several times recently. I wondered why someone wasn’t posting … was she ill? I went to the blog, lots of things there, so told her WP unfollowed me … hard to always have proper blogging etiquette with WP sometimes. My posts have disappeared from Reader from time to time, then return many hours later.

  2. This is a good post but I can’t get past The marshmallow man in the hot chocolate. Whoever took that pictire condenmed him to a slow torturous death. OK so I’m warped Congrats on being selected by Herb
    I’m addicted to laughter, but don’t send me to therapy

    1. Aww, he looked so nice and warm. Let’s take it for what it is … Painfull slow death, so not fluffy fun. I can’t treat you to therapy but mabye a marshmallow woud´ld do?

  3. Great post and videos! Congratulations on the Herb award! It’s so true what you say about the blogosphere. We have the opportunity to meet people from all over the planet and learn so much.

    1. Thank you. It has been fun around here and treating me well. Otherwise, we’d all have probably different hobbies by now 🙂 It’s fun to wind down and learn new things

  4. I had no idea that the “love to keep me warm” thing was a song. I only ever knew it as what Foghorn Leghorn said when he was trying to cozy up to Widow Hen! (By the end of the cartoon he’s so banged up he’s practically a mummy and when he’s leaving she says to him, “I thought you needed my love to keep you warm” and he says something like “I don’t need your love—I have my bandages to keep me warm!”)

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