Pure Kitsch

Happiness is pure kitsch; we come into the world to suffer and learn.

Isabel Allende

Happiness is pure kitsch; we come into the world to suffer and learn. Isabel Allende quote - bekitschig.blog

How about something motivating for the New Year?

Admittedly, I’m slowly running out of kitschy quotes. While not everything will be peachy this year, let’s try and make the most of it! I hope you’ve all been off to a good start. We’ve got this.

20 Kitsch Quotes

Postcards from Lieberose Heath

Adam Fletcher: How to Be German

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10 thoughts on “Pure Kitsch

  1. Today I was determined not to work too hard. So while the kids were doing their thing, and I did mine. I asked the boy directly in front of my desk if he would sing me a song. He didn’t have this one memorized, so I only got a line or two including, “My name is Peaches.” I said, “My husband’s grandmother came to the US from Naples at age sixteen. Peaches is the name that stuck for the rest of her life. Oh and my husband has a cousin named Peaches.” Peachy, huh?

    1. Dear Crystal, excuse the double comment but I just remembered … I had this favorite fruit shop and the last name of the Italian guy working there was Rosa. He married a woman named Rosa which made her Rosa Rosa and probably caused a lot of confusion 🙂 We named out daughter Rosa, so ever time he saw us, it was like family!

      1. Love that story! And I have a dear friend Rosa. Rosa are lovely people. Excuse my attempt at the last word. I remarried my husband after a short divorce. I thought about hyphenating my name after that for fun Byers-Byers.

      2. “After a short divorce” — Crystal, you did it again! Stories galore. Hyphenating is so last Century, maybe make it Byers de Byérs 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Jeanine – Yes, we’ve got this and hopefully by the end of 2022, the word “COVID” is erased from our everyday vocabulary and social media trends forever.

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