Hello Kitty Guide to Parties

From Venue to Menu

What do you do when youโ€™re just not doing this Christmas thing? You somehow end up throwing a Boxing Day Party. Naturally. Equipped with the Hello Kitty Guide to Parties, what could go wrong?

Hello Kitty is a very nice kitty indeed and shares all her expert advice on hosting the perfect bash. She uses the word fabulous a lot. Nevertheless, Hello Kitty walks you through planning your theme, invitations, decorations and budget. She helps you choose the perfect music and even reveals her post-party procedures.

Recipes for food and drinks are included as well as party game ideas. How about you play spin the bottle with nail polish at your next sleep-over? You lay different colors of nail polish in a circle and wherever the bottle stops, everybody paints one nail in that color. You will come up with really crazy combinations!

Hello Kitty even shares her pampering routine. Her make-up tips will help you create that perfect witch or pirate. The Hello Kitty Guide to Parties is loaded with checklists, quizzes and hand bag knowledge. The last chapter is dedicated to the party guests themselves. Tips for party presents and how to wrap them, card making and even party etiquette. The entire RSVP and compliment-the-host-routine in a nutshell. A step-by-step guide on how to be the hostess with the mostest: there are bigger books on Event Management with a lot less information.

Recommended for: young teenagers, Hello Kitty fans, Event professionals and people who need a bit more color in their lives.

After the Party is before the Party

I have learned that it can be extremely difficult to get people together during the holiday season and that they will never ever eat the amounts of food you prepared. If you go for a Kitschy Christmas Kringle or something involving presents, get a few spare in case of any gift confusion.

Of course, I wanted the kids to have a little something, so I went to my local dollar store and bought Christmas hats and stuffed them with bubbles and water balloons. By the way, you do end up picking the latter off the lawn for weeks, which my better half may have pointed out. Repeatedly. The kids seemed to have a good time and we are very grateful for everyone who came along and made Christmas extra special for our family. I must admit, I almost felt a little bit Christmassy.

Did I vow not to buy crap for Christmas this year? While I am eating my own wisdom, I believe Iโ€™ll stick to more comfortable terrain and return to Easter Egg Hunts and Eurovision parties.

Happy Party Planning!

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