Little Big City Berlin

Little Big City Berlin makes a hell of an entrance. Never before have I seen a combination of miniature landscapes and holograms. Plus, your host has the most charming Berlin accent. While Little Big City is rather small, we still failed to see many hidden treasures, like the Ghost of Hohenzollern, the Grimm Brothers or Albert Einstein on his bicycle.

Miniature history berlin little big city

It certainly lacks the detail of established miniature traps like Hamburg but it is cute and gets some brownie points for not shying away and showing Berlin history. This is a (short but) fun trip for anybody who is interested in the history of Berlin. Even if you are not a history buff, yarn of Berlin makes for some pretty good stories.

Geschichte von Berlin Kaiser Zeiten
Berlin in times of the Kaiser
The Clown Little Big City miniature
Industrialization & August (Tom Belling)
Nosferatu  eine Symphonie des Grauens
Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau 1922
Roaring 20s
Burning Reichstag 1933
Progrom minature Berlin
‘Rosinenbomber’ Luftbrücke / air bridge to Berlin West
Nobody is intending to build a wall, Walter Ulbricht 1961
Peter Leibing capturing the escape of Conrad Schumann 1961
GDR escape
Ich bin ein Berliner, J. F. Kennedy 1963
Search & Destroy & SO36, Kreuzberg
Berlin Trilogy, David Bowie 1977
Little Big City die aerzte
Die Ärzte 1982
Berlin Wall Girl with red baloon
Girl with the red balloon
Bethke Brothers fleeing GDR over berlin wall
Bethke Brothers 1989
Palast der Republik Miniture Berlin
40 Years GDR 1989
Escape tunnel
Finally, you get to make the wall come down, and who else would be singing? Indeed, the one and only Hoff!
We Love Berlin Brandeburg Gate be kitschig blog
Of course, on the way out there is a wee bit more drama with beamers, rejoice

Photo lesson #3 Pick your battles. If the lighting is just weird, leave it to the pros.

Tina Berlina el bocho street art

PS: Pro Tip

Book your tickets online to save some money. You’ll also end up with vouchers for the other attractions of this company. Do yourself a favor and just DO NOT GO. (No offence guys, but your other tourist traps are a pretty bad rip-off.)


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