David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin

If there ever was a David Hasselhoff Museum, it would certainly have to be in Germany, right? Rumors go, the Germans were responsible for the entire career of Sir Hoff …

The David Hasselhoff Museum

So, The Hoff did indeed get his own museum right in the heart of Berlin. Rumors go, one of the barkeepers at Circus Hostel was so crazy about The Hoff that this slowly just somehow emerged.

What started as a shrine in the basement of a hostel is slowly growing and growing and growing. Now, don’t be disappointed, it really is just some sort of shrine still in a narrow area in the basement of a hostel you cannot use for anything else, but imagine the possibilities … We’ll see in 10 years, how the Hoff Museum grew.

You do find a few odd bits and pieces though, including the piano scarf, so popular in the early 90s and for David performing on the wall, and some souvenirs from Baywatch. The avid reader of this blog knows, my photography skills are rather mediocre but taking photos in this narrow corridor really wasn’t all that simple. Hey, not even the museum itself has some decent pictures on their website.

In the meantime, David Hasselhoff honored the David Hasselhoff Museum in Berlin with a visit and his very own beautiful signature. He really is a good chap like that. The Hoff takes his fans seriously.

(Now, feel free to declare your yard as a museum of unwatered grass. My handbag may be the museum of receipts … )

Impressions from the David Hasselhoff Museum

David Hasselhoff Muesum Berlin be kitschig blog #kitsch #thehoff
Signature of David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff Muesum Berlin be kitschig blog #kitsch #thehoff
Model of Knight Rider car K.I.T.T.
David Hasselhoff Muesum Berlin be kitschig blog #kitsch #thehoff
Original Baywatch items and Did David Hasselhoff End the Cold War?
1989, David Hasselhoff performing Looking for Freedom on the German Wall for New Year’s Eve
David Hasselhoff Muesum Berlin be kitschig blog #kitsch #thehoff
Petition to change Weinbergsweg into David Hasselhoff Str. I believe Berlin needs this!
Broke as the city is though, maybe Berlin just cannot afford that. AC/DC Lane in Melbourne, Australia, suffers on a regular basis from serious souvenir hunting.
Petition for David Hasselhoff Str.

Why is The Hoff a Superhero?

Well, first of all, he is The Hoff. That really should be enough, if you ask me. He actually holds a Guinness World Record for being the most watched person on television, due to staring in Night Rider and Baywatch.

Piano Scarf David Hasselhoff Museum Berli
The famous Piano Scarf

He is also a master in self-parody, which forever wins him a spot in the hearts of his fans. His appearances in Dancing Ninja, Dodgeball and Sharknado (now didn’t you think the only way they could do the sequel well, was with The Hoff and then, they actually did it!) are gold.

While he probably really doesn’t need to work anymore, you might find him staring in a musical on the East Coast or the UK or going on tour through Europe.

David Hasselhoff Muesum Berlin be kitschig blog #kitsch #thehoff

Someone please buy a bit more space and let’s make the David Hasselhoff Museum what it ought to be! Crowdfunding anyone?

Plan Your Trip

While the museum, you know, some sort of shrine in a narrow area in the basement of a hostel you cannot use for anything else, may not be worth the trip just by itself, it is situated at Rosenthaler Platz, roughly between Alexander Platz, Hackescher Markt and Friedrichstraẞe and offers a fantastic walking tour. Plus, it’s free entry!

At Rosenthaler Platz you also get the best chicken Döner Kebab in Berlin, if you ask me. Rumors go, St. Oberholz across the road, your go to cafe for American expats and hipsters of all kinds, used to be a fast food place. You know, the chain kind with lots of red. Apparently, it wasn’t economical to have a spot there. (Oh, you hipsters.)

Anybody interested in street art or all the little places where the old East and West meet will have a great time. You can also grab some yummy meals there, a little bit away from the tourist traps or enjoy the cocktail happy hour on Oranienburgerstraẞe. Nearby are also the New Synagoge, the Bode Museum or Hackeschen Höfe, the largest single courtyard complex in Berlin with beautiful Art Deco buildings.

Oh, the choices.

When in Berlin, take a walk and make sure to get your selfie at the David Hasselhoff Museum.

You cannot get enough of David Hasselhoff?

Did David Hasselhoff End the Cold War?

David Hasselhoff in Dancing Ninja

A Hoff Quote – The Comeback

David Hasselhoff in Fugitives Run

A Hoff Quote – The Homerun

Do you wanna make the Wall come down and than listen to The Hoff?

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