Schlager Sunday- Mysterious Girl

Welcome to Schlager Sunday! The grocery store played this tune the other day and I just cannot get it out of my head! What an earworm. So, there you have it, Mysterious Girl raises so many questions. Would Peter Andre have had a career without his abs? Why does the girl in the video look so depressed? Was this hairdo ever cool?

While we’re at it; this is the start of Schlager Sunday summer edition (and you though it was gonna get better around here after Eurovision …)

Thanks for flying with be kitschig!

Have a lovely start to your week!

Peter Andre Mysterious girl  Schlager Sunday bekitschig blog

Schlager Sunday – Cruel Summer

David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin

Schlager Sunday – Barbie Girl

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7 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday- Mysterious Girl

      1. Richard Greco hmm I recognize the name but had to look him up on Google. I liked Christian Slater as well from the movie Heathers and teenage Leonardo di Caprio too….had a lot of posters in my bedroom

      2. Oh, I’m sorry you had to google it. Booker, Teen Angel & 21 Jump Street (with Mr Depp before he sold his soul to Disney …) Leo had his moments, too 🙂

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