Schlager Sunday- Mysterious Girl

Welcome to Schlager Sunday! The grocery store played this tune the other day and I just cannot get it out of my head! What an earworm. So, there you have it, Mysterious Girl raises so many questions. Would Peter Andre have had a career without his abs? Why does the girl in the video look so depressed? How much baby oil did they use for the shoot? Was this hairdo ever cool?

While we’re at it; this is the start of Schlager Sunday summer edition (and you though it was gonna get better around here after Eurovision …)

Thanks for flying with be kitschig!

Have a lovely start to your week!

Peter Andre Mysterious girl  Schlager Sunday bekitschig blog

Schlager Sunday – Cruel Summer

David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin

Schlager Sunday – Barbie Girl

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10 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday- Mysterious Girl

      1. Richard Greco hmm I recognize the name but had to look him up on Google. I liked Christian Slater as well from the movie Heathers and teenage Leonardo di Caprio too….had a lot of posters in my bedroom

      2. Oh, I’m sorry you had to google it. Booker, Teen Angel & 21 Jump Street (with Mr Depp before he sold his soul to Disney …) Leo had his moments, too 🙂

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