Schlager Sunday – Spring Again

It’s Spring again
I can hear the birds sing again
See the flowers start to bud
See young people fall in love

What more is there to say? Enjoy this gem from 1977 and, of course, a cover version.

Lou Rawls

Biz Markie

Spring Agian Schlager Sunday

It’s been quiet around here. I’m mostly stuck in the country at the moment, but the bursts of color have been a delight.

Let’s keep it light around here. Take care.

Have a lovely Sunday.

It’s raining on prom night

Never gonna give you up

Mysterious Girl

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14 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Spring Again

  1. You’ll have to wait a bit… Officially March 21?
    (Sorry about your “meh” days… in another post)
    As you say, they will pass. Just hang on…
    Tschüß Jeannine

  2. Wow – never heard that Lou Rawls’ tune before. Where have I been, but even more importantly where is Spring, just 15 days away. I think Mother Nature left Winter on “loop” and went away like you did. 🙂

  3. Enjoy to the max! Seems spring has sprung a leak here in normally-reliable sunny south of France. Absolutely persisting it down with rain! But among the wet mist I can see buds a-budding and hear birds a-singing. “Spring is just around the corner” (is one of my fave sayings 😊)

  4. Sprung is spring
    The bird is on the wing.
    But that’s absurd,
    The wing is on the bird.

    Not sure who wrote that–possibly that famous poet Anonymous. Not me, anyway.

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