Love of Kitsch

One of the most inexplicable characteristics of the Germans is their love of kitsch.

Rory MacLean

Well, guilty by association but I really don’t think it’s just us …

Rory MacLean One of the most inexplicable characteristics of the Germans is their love of kitsch

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14 thoughts on “Love of Kitsch

  1. But, but, but… you do it so well! There’s a reason English-speakers didn’t bother thinking up their own word. One of the things I loved in Germany were the flower shops selling seasonally-themed decorations for your garden or window box. There’s nothing quite so soul-destroying as living somewhere where people think everything should be minimalist and chique or classy. The Swiss and Japanese could give the Germans a run for their money in the kitsch stakes, mind you. The Japanese might be minimalist in their houses, but their balconies are another matter entirely and all those kawaii knick-knacks have to go somewhere. There are definitely Japanese people not on board with Marie Kondo!

    1. This is the most wonderful comment. Our Japanese friends certainly know how to dress their kids 😉 Maybe it’s some sort of reaction to the otherwise retricted life style. Or simply a human necessity?! (Did you know to kondo is an English verb now?)

      1. I live in that country and yes, must attest to a vast collection of cutesy knickknacks which are in delicate balance on my desk. And yes, the children are impeccably dressed, always.

      2. Once our friends came back from Japan and we were blessed with the cutestes baby clothes you can imagine 😉 There’s often some truth to stereotypes. — They never cooked Japanese though 🙁

      3. When you visit make sure to have as much as you like. The recipe books are complex though, given how simple the meals look. 🧡❤️💚

    1. Hui, was ist das denn? Da mußte ich gleich noch weiter gucken! Den hab ich ja total verpasst. Lieben Dank!

      1. Der hat Anfang der 80er Jahre den SCHEISSLADEN in Kreuzberg betrieben und dort u.a. Punkmusik und Zines verkauft. Und dann noch zum Heino mutiert. 🙂

      2. Ganz großes Tennis! Kietzlegende ist man einfach, das kann man wohl nicht lernen. Anfang der 80er saß ich im Kindergarten rum… Das Stück Berlin hätte ich gern mitgenommen!

      3. Es war wirklich sehr anders, besetzte Häuser an jeder Ecke, viel Ruinen und auch ein wenig Street-Art. Ähnlich verrückt erst wieder nach dem Fall der Mauer.

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