Poppy Meadow

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday. Since flowers are pretty popular, I am joining in today with this poppy meadow. You might smile but leaving the city was a real treat!

Poppy Meadow Brandenburg Travel bekitschig.blog
Mohnblumenwiese Berliner Umland Brandenburg bekitschig.blog Berlin
Poppy Meadow Brandenburg Travel bekitschig.blog

This poppy meadow was full of bees, butterflies & crickets. Mind you, none of them polite enough to wait for a photo. It was pure nature.

Mohnblumenwiese Berliner Umland Brandenburg bekitschig.blog Berlin
Poppy Meadow Brandenburg Travel bekitschig.blog

The vast nothingness of Brandenburg is fascinating … for a few days.

Mohnblumenwiese Berliner Umland Brandenburg bekitschig.blog Berlin
Poppy Meadow Brandenburg Travel bekitschig.blog

Three days without internet was fun but it might take some time to get back to you all.

Enjoy your summer. Stay happy, healthy & sane.

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38 thoughts on “Poppy Meadow

    1. Thank you; it was a lot more impressive in real life. I wonder if it might be time to take a photo class …

    1. Thank you! It really was quiet a site. I don’t think I have ever seen so many different butterflies in one spot and there were lots of them! Althouhg Berlin is pretty green, still a real treat for city people 😉

    1. Da bin ich aufgewachsen, da willste nicht tot übern Zaun hängen! Aber so mal ist doch ganz schön …

      1. 👣 Fontane bei seinen Wanderungen in der Mark klang irgendwie immer etwas begeisterter, ist aber schon lange her 🚴‍♀️ Wir wagen es trotzdem dieses Jahr, 1 Woche Urlaub am Stechlin(see) 😱 im August oder auf Italienisch “feragosta marka”, hört sich gleich viel besser an 👍

      2. Zum Entspannen kann ich dir das wirklich ans Herz legen! Die Leute si d auch recht nett. Aber lustig mit Fontane. Das war mein größtes Schultrauma. Hab mich gerettet mit immer nur die linke Seite lesen. Nix vom Inhalt verpasst. Der Herr Grebe hat es doch recht gut getroffen!

      1. My neighbor had poppies in her yard and they were fickle it seemed – they would open up and fizzle out a few days later, so I think wild poppies would be so much sturdier and able to withstand the elements. I follow a UK photographer’s blog and he linked to an old post he did about poppies at the Tower of London. I was just amazed at these poppies – I had to track it down as he has had a few blogs since I started following him a couple of years ago: https://andyfinnegan22.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/they-shall-grow-not-old-as-we-that-are-left-grow-old-age-shall-not-weary-them-nor-the-years-condemn-at-the-going-down-of-the-sun-and-in-the-morning-we-will-remember-them/

  1. I love poppies and I’m always glad to find some poppies ‘thrown in’ in any field, proof that not (too) many fertilizers etc had been used.

    1. It must’ve gone on for a few kilometers next to (I think) potatoes. Sometimes in that area they just leave the land be for a year or two. A good decade ago they tried to bring in Monsanto products but the farmers there were dead against it!

    1. Thank you! I’ve gave it a good effort. My legs were super scratched from all that nature 😉 poppies are really some of my favorite things!

  2. The poppies look great. I have only one giant red poppy planted, it looked great when it bloomed. Now I will try planting the seeds and see how many I get next year. Some poppies must bloom longer, I have seen some amazing orange ones that bloomed a long time.

    1. I adore them! We had poppies as wedding flowers. Not the red field kind but lots of different colors. There must be a few varieties. Nice that you have such a nice garden. And probably a green thumb, too 😉

  3. I love this time of year with the profusion of wild flowers and the poppies certainly add that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ do they not. Poppies are the highlight of the floral year.

    1. Amen! After Corona staying home we all seem to need to go outside. Better do it, before we can’t in a few weeks. There have been cases in our school … staying in is always closer than we might think

      1. It is getting terribly confusing. There was a case at our school and today’s paper stated we were all in quarantine, which were not. Makes you really wonder how true the news are at the moment

      2. The case was in the class of our kid but the groups were separated, so we just got lucky I guess. None of the other kids or teachers tested positive. Neither did the family of that child. They say life will get back to normal after school holidays, I highly doubt that.

      3. Yes it is confusing and I am anticipating that – here in the UK – it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

      4. It may just showcase your health system. It is really odd how some of the rich & ‘developed’ countries suffer so hard. It is so much input right now & all hard to digest

    1. Thank you! I made a huge point not messing with the photos at all. Some poppy photos look so unreal with all the filters and stuff … Poppies are my favorites, by the way, even our wedding flowers 😉

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