Someone Gave Up On Prepping

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Someone gave up on prepping

I roughly remember a time when we went to music festivals, even then, canned ravioli were a no-go for me. I’d rather eat toast and sweaty cheese for a weekend, thanks.

(How did we survive all that youth?)

Photo from March. Postcards from Berlin #26. Spotted at Mauerpark.

Maybe a few months later, that person would hang on to it?

Someone gave up on prepping? Or did they actually try a can? We will never gnome.

For some pure grossness, for others a guilty pleasure. Which team do you pick?

Happy Hump Day! We’ve got this.

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33 thoughts on “Someone Gave Up On Prepping

  1. I can’t imagine eating canned ravioli or sweaty cheese as an adult. Lucky with a spouse as a chef, I never have to make these culinary decisions when attending festivals…lol

    1. Ah, we were young and didn’t need much. Those festival weekends were fantastic. We went for the music, not the food 😉

      1. You should have been around for Woodstock, but you were too young. Torrential rain, no food to eat … just sitting on a blanket or tarp in the rain listening to music. My friends and I used to get tickets for the same series of groups every year at an outdoor venue. We got lawn seats. Funny how we never complained about mosquitoes eating us alive, or hot and sticky weather … we were young and oblivious to it all.

      2. I like your style! But true, I remember a lot of things but no mosquitos 😉 we used to go to Hurricane which is famous for horrible weather. One year the festival literally drowned on the last day, tents collapsing and all. What followed was huge chaos but we all managed to find each other — without cell phone reception;)

      3. The venue I went to the most for Summer Series Concerts was Pine Knob Ampitheatre. I was thinking of it when I made this comment and on Tuesday this week, Santana was performing at a sold-out concert, same venue. It was horribly hot here and very humid and he collapsed on stage. He will turn 75 this week and the crowd was silent – they put a black cover in front of him. People thought the worst as he had heart surgery in December 2021. It turned out the stage lights made it very hot and he didn’t eat or drink and collapsed from heat exhaustion. The crowd was asked to leave and no rescheduling as he had already played an hour-long set. Plus Earth, Wind & Fire had played before Santana. I do remember those sickening hot Summer nights like that.

  2. Not allowed to bring food into festivals these days but in my youth we would make a batch of Chili Con Carne. Fond memories thanks for sharing this.

      1. Tks Janine, I am OK just a bit too busy…. talk to you soon, hopefully 🌻🌞😎

  3. I like canned ravioli although I’ve never tried that brand. Over here it’s Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. I don’t know if I could live on it, though…

    1. I seem to be rather lonely with my point in this round 🙂 If one goes camping, there are many other dishes that come in cans …

    1. At uni we used to say, you are not poor if you don’t have a favorite flavor of Nissin noodle snacks 😉

  4. If I would count mal last days, then definitely I would not open that tin of Ravioli. Rather I would try to remember the taste of Pizza, Döner or Curry-Wurst or anything else. But not that. No. 😉

    1. All good, thank you! We’ve hit the few weeks in Berlin that don’t feel like winter. This year it’s pretty hot, too. Lovely! How are you, Sir?

      1. The few weeks? LOL. At least you’re better than Holland. When we arrived there my mother asked “And how’s the weather here?” A Dutchman scratched his head and said: “It’s very simple, we have only two seasons, winter and the 15th of August…”
        Enjoy Lovely.
        We’re fine. Flying to Paris this week-end. Get back in touch with old Europe…
        Bon week-end…

  5. I am not above eating a can of ravioli now and then. Sometimes the body craves crap and until you crack open the can of ravioli or chili or spaghetti the need goes unmet. Slippery slope ..

    1. I think we all have our guilty pleasures in the ‘non-food’ area. I don’t mind canned soup, those ravioly are just too much 😉

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