Crocus Meadow

Spring greetings everyone! The crocus meadow is in full bloom and usually this time of year feels rather uplifting.

Gartenzwerg Paul in der Krokuswiese Berlin Humboldthain -

Paul enjoys the sun in Spring.

Paul Garden Gnome - Crocus Meadow Berlin Gesundbrunnen

We are so used to looking at cell phone photos, the camera makes it almost seem unreal. Here are two cell phone versions. Same day and time.

Lego Gartenzwerge Krokus Frühling

All photos are just cropped.

Spring greetings Lego Garden Gnomes in Spring

For all of you who enjoyed the crocus meadow, there will be a second part. But beware, it will get… erm… tasteful.

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! Have a happy Hump Day. Stay happy, healthy and sane.

Garden Gnome Tree

Poppy Meadow

Same Meadow last year – GDR Easter Bunny

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20 thoughts on “Crocus Meadow

    1. Usually, yeah … Sorry about your tulips. Did they get their feet too wet? Or maybe they just cannot be bothered this year 🙂

      1. Don’t know. Too much sun maybe? Also a lot of pests. Huge ants eating the leaves… We’ll see if they finally bloom, then unearth whatever is left and put them to dry until next year…

    1. Nice, hey? There’s a guy on a flea market who sells nothing but Lego figures and collector/old sets. I’m sure he’s making a killing!

  1. Wow-so many are blooming! A couple of mine started to bloom and then they went right back to sleep when it got cold again. 🙂 Love the gnomes!

    1. Thank you! Last year it had a lot more white and yellow. Mabye I need to check again next week. It’s a real magnet for people to take photos in Spring

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