Schlager Sunday – Safety Dance

Let’s give it up for the Safety Dance today!

As mentioned before, current events make it seem inappropriate to be cheesy and punny, so I let Man Without Hats do the job. Rolling Stone describes it as “bizarrely Eighties-tastic” in their Reader’s Poll 10 Worst Songs of the 1980s. Oddly enough, many of those songs already made it to Schlager Sunday!?! I picked Safety Dance for its outstanding ear worm quality and the interesting (that means nothing good in Australian English) video. Beware, I didn’t even listen to it today and it is stuck in my head just from reading the title …

Thank you for flying with be kitschig! Stay safe and sane.

Schlager Sunday be kitschig blog dance while you can

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If you are also struggling to understand dailight savings, here’s a fascinating read on Wiki.

Original photo by Sonia Sanmartin on Unsplash

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32 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Safety Dance

  1. The first version video disappeared, but no worries as there was another one to watch – wow with the robot-look dancing and I haven’t seen break dancing in a while now and yes, I have an earworm now. Thank you Jeanine. 🙂

    1. Hi Linda, unfortunately there is no way for me to check if the video will play in every country. The original video is something though 😉

      1. OK, I wanted you to know and I have had the same trouble with links not displaying in the UK or in Sweden. There was a Swedish blogger who loves vintage cars and when there was a car show, he took photos of them. So I tried several ways to send him live-streaming of the “Woodward Dream Cruise” – it is held every August, an entire day devoted to people driving vintage cars on Woodward Avenue (the very first paved road in the USA). He kept getting a message that did not allow him to view the video. I watched the second video though. 🙂

      2. It’s the same with DVD area codes. We used to have two DVD players; one for Australian ones and one for the rest. If you paid for it you should be able to watch it. Same with Youtube, that makes money with the adds you watch, you should be able to watch it. But I guess it’s not that easy …

      3. Yes, I would think that YouTube would work – that surprises me. Interesting about the area codes too and having to have a separate DVD player for when you lived in Australia.

      1. Chin up is good, particularly with such a major threat of war. Just read about the blackmail to pay the gas in Rubles or else…
        Stay safe… (and have a good week-end nonetheless.)

  2. One of my favorite bits on the TV show “Scrubs” references this song:

    Carla: “Turk! We’re gonna have kids soon. We’re supposed to be a team! That means you occasionally have to listen to me and believe in my opinion! Like, what if we have a daughter and she wants to get her ears pierced?”
    Turk: “Irrelevant. We’re not having a daughter.”
    Carla: “Okay. What if we have a son and he wants to take dance class, even though all his friends are playing football?”
    Turk: “He can dance if he wants to. He can leave his friends behind.”

  3. The original video is like deleted scenes Game of Thrones VS Emmerdale Farm on too many E-numbers. Sadly, the song has so much catchiness power that even many years later it can worm it’s way inside your head uninvited. Aghhhhh. 😁😃

  4. I completely disagree with the poll! This is one of the best songs ever! I love the original video and the break dance version is really cool. Of course, now I will be singing this song all day! 😀

    1. There’s nothing like a new perspective! There was also a Glee version but that was even too much for me 🤫

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