Schlager Sunday – Looking for Freedom

Welcome to yet another Schlager Sunday! Looking for Freedom is our song for the day. For some of you in Halloween mood, it is probably scary enough… November 9th marks the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and with it the end of the Cold War.

Mr. David Hasselhoff had the honor of performing his number 1 hit above the Berlin Wall for New Years Eve.

The Hoff loves you Berlin Mitte be kitschig blog

Now, did he bring the Wall down? Here’s what the Hoff has to say about that:

Looking for Freedom has first been released in 1978 by Marc Seaberg. So welcome to, I can’t believe it’s a cover song! The producer responsible was no one less than Jack White. The former soccer player turned producer & song writer in the 70s and has been looking at a rather successful career. (Now here is someone who really deserves a decent documentary!)

Have a lovely Halloween!

As for the Hoff, here a few more reading suggestions:

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12 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Looking for Freedom

  1. ha ha ha…. when I was little (= much younger!) we didn’t know anything about Hasselhoff’s life or doings but we did call him Hässlichdoof! Still don’t know why.

    1. Oh, you did not! That would be mobbing / bullying today. Tsk tsk
      Never heard that one. For me he was just always kinda there. He grew on my like Star Trek Original Series or New Kids on the Block. In hindsight things develop a life of its own!
      (That beeing said, the Vanilla Ice record I’ve recently got is amazing!)

      1. don’t forget we never had TV. so we didn’t even know who or what we were mocking – it was just a funny change of a name for us….. of course nowadays I’d NEVER say or even think anything like that!

      2. Luckily, we’re all so PC these days! Back in the days for me it was black and white on 3 channels. If we got lucky, even a station from the West!
        I know, I’m not 20 anymore but how different the life is for our kids!

    1. I do think so! Although, when I didn’t get my hands on the official David Hasselhoff Christmas sweater last year, it’s not like he sent me one personally?!? Mmh …

      1. It’s not my old site, it’s my main site. It’s undergoing a major overhaul at the moment. I’m splitting it up into years. There are more than 5000 posts in all so it will take quite a while to complete. There will also a separate blog for my Australian ones.

      2. Oh, I thought that was all gone. Or was that the google pictures? I must’ve confused that with something??!?
        A seperate one for the Australian street art would be fantastic!

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