Schlager Sunday – Bella Ciao

While the political commentary on this blog stays usually between the lines, not everything at the moment is fluffy and peachy. Enjoy Bella Ciao for all its earworm quality.

The song is an anti-fascist hymn of freedom and resistance. It is based on an Italian folk song from the late 19th Century and was sung by workers in protest of the working conditions in the paddy fields.

With lyrics and subtitles

Goran Bregović from Champagne For Gypsies

Francesco II Mercante – a fascinating and talented one man band and street performer

Bella Ciao Song

Have a nice start to your week!

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5 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Bella Ciao

  1. Thanks for the link to Bella Ciao. I haven’t heard it in an age and it just about made me weep. So many people sacrificed so much in that struggle and now it looks like we may have to fight it all over again.What is wrong with us?

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