Happy (Belated) World Gnome Day

What a fauxpas! Who would’ve gnome? I missed World Gnome Day; so, kudos to Linda for pointing my hat in the right direction here.

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The Garden Gnome Shortage of 2021 (clickety click!)

Needless to say, I had to look into this. World Gnome Day is celebrated on June 21st. However, according to the website International Days International Garden Gnome Day takes place on June 10th.

Garden Gnome Shortage in the UK 2021

Happy (Belated) World Gnome Day
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In 2012, World Gnome Day was celebrated in Melbourne, Australia, on May 27. After that, it seems like they ran out of steam. There is no such thing as Gartenzwergtag in Germany; the haven for gnomes.

Believe it or not, Wikipedia invented an entire Gnome Week, dedicated to cleaning up poor content. It is doubtful, that this ever became a real thing, since the article goes back to 2007 (and is rather poorly written).

Days, weeks…we’re only missing the year now. A few weeks ago, I came across a blogger who announced 2022 the Year of Gnomes. If you would like to participate in the year-long knitalong, check the rules at imaginedlandscapes.

Happy Gnomevember / Happy (Belated) World Gnome Day

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Happy Gnomevember

Happy belated World Gnome Day to all of you.

Why not visit the Blog of Linda Schaub and show her some love?!

Have a happy Hump Day. We’ve got this.

World Gnome Day June 21 bekitschig.blog

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31 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) World Gnome Day

  1. Thank goodness you sent me the link to your blog, as I’m five days behind in Reader! How did you whip this post up so quickly … once you started, there was gnome stopping you! I wonder why there are so many different dates to celebrate, yet none the same. I’m glad I saw that gnome at the Botanical Gardens post yesterday – I saw it on Facebook and shared it with you but after sending you the link here. Jeanine – thanks for the shout out to me, my blog and even to “Sweet Kitsch” – I pass him every day at the Park.

    1. Just remember that day when you caught up on your reader!
      Some posts work out rather quickly. The photos were already in my media. That saves a lot of time! Plus, to be honest, I didn’t make it past page 2 in Google …

      1. That’s true – I am especially long-winded Jeanine. I am glad I do Wordless Wednesday, because I take so many pictures that I can put some there and try to shorten up my Monday post a little. That’s good – I was impressed. 🙂

      2. Thank you! Going through photos can be a timely process … Blogging is an odd hobby for people who spend too much time on the computer anyways 😉

      3. Yes it is! I sit too many hours and started walking when I started working from home. Once I get to work at 11:00, I am here for about 10-11 hours. I work from the kitchen table and that is not good. I have to get and move around during the day because sitting that many hours is not good. On the weekend, if I sort pics, it is more sitting, then to compile a post, more sitting. An endless cycle.

      4. Amen. My step counter watch thingy reminds me when I’ve been sitting for too long … It’s pathetic. Two weeks until our holidays, hopefully no one calls whale watch 😉

      5. I know – it’s hard to break the habit. That’s a good feature. I hear the gong noise the clock makes when it chimes the hour and I try to spring up for a few minutes. Holidays zip by way too quickly after waiting for them to arrive what seems like forever!

  2. Well, since I’ve gotten a couple of gnomes and they have been out adventuring with us I am sorry I missed such an auspicious holiday.

      1. Uh-oh. I’m sorry. I had one other person say they had trouble commenting but I can’t seem to pinpoint anything on my end. Clear your cache, maybe?

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