Happy Gnomevember

For Gnomevember, it’s about time to get out the gnomes of be kitschig. Over the years, we’ve come across some really nice ones.

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Paul, Garden gnome

This is our garden gnome Paul before he suffered from moving inflicted tan damage. Sorry mate.

#garden gnome #zombie gnome be kitschig blog gnomevember gartenzwerg
This poor guy is actually still waiting for a name
garden gnome urban gardening gartenzwerg gnomevember be kitschig blog berlin
Easter Gnomes

These gnomes moved in around Easter. Now, you can also buy them at Christmas time. Beware though, they guard the grossestes chocolate the world of Kinder ever came up with; Kinder Joy.

Gartenzwerg Stullendose be kitschig gnomevember
Lunch Box Gnomes

Because sometimes it’s all about the little things.

Gnomeo and Juliet film be kitschig blog gartenzwerge
Gnomeo and Juliet

Some gnomes even made it on to the big screen. Gnomeo & Juliet is a really cute Shakespeare themed film full of little details; perfect film for Gnomevember.

be kitschig blog Sherlock Gnomes
Sherlock Gnomes

There was also Sherlock Gnomes. Erm …

You will even find garden gnomes in Australia.

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Abandoned Fairyland Village

#Garden Gnome
AFL Garden Gnome
Gartenzwergmanufaktur Philipp Griebel Gräfenroda #gartenzwer #gnome #bekitschig #blog #kitsch #ceramics #keramik #gnomevember
Garden Gnome Museum Gräfenroda

Some gnomes even have their own museum; just like David Hasselhoff

Birth of a gnome Geburt eines Gartenzwergs be kitschig blog

Birth of a gnome

gartenzwerg garden gnome berlin westkreus be kitschig blog gnomevember

There are also free-range gnomes. This one has been spotted by Suburban Tracks at Berlin Westkreuz. Thanks heaps!

Be kitschig blog gartenzwerg garden gnome kitsch
Gnome at Work
gnomevember be kitschig blog berlin Gartenzwerg Prenzlauer Berg
This one has been freed (and you think you can fix anything with duct tape)
I am ashamed gnomes in the german country
Protesting Gnomes
Berlins Gartenzwerg Heinrich Garden Gnome Gold Gnomevember be kitschig blog
Heinrich der Gartenzwerg

Some Garden Gnomes get so famous, they have their own Instagram account.

Garten Zwerge in Berlin  Capital of Germany be kitschig blog Gartenzwerg Gnomevember

While this photo has been taken last year around New Years Eve, I’m sure the Gnomevember celebrations look pretty much the same …

What is Gnomevember?

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